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Please help me find...

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I've just got a pair of WC stock P50's (the F1 and SL). My problem is that they don't come with the energy rail plate on them( I guess because WC racers might not have marker for a sponsor??). My rep can only get me one pair (sold out) and I'm plannig to put them on my GS skis. So I need something for the slalom skis. As it is, he's going to set me up with a pair of marker comp 1400 piston control bindings. That wouldn't be such a bad compramise but if I'm on a WC ski I want to feel the ski not the binding. So...

Does anyone know where I can get a pair of energy rail plates (this year or last). Doesn't matter if they are used.

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MattW--try www.untracked.com. Go to bindings, all the way down. Is that what you are looking for? $69(U.S.)
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Found some thanks for the help. If any one else is looking for a pair feel free to contact me for the store info. They were a prety good price.
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One of the girls on our ski team has those same skis, not sure of theya re world cup stock but theya re the models that are stiffer than the shelf models and they ahve flex #'s on tham i think. Ill ask her what she is skiing on them this year, i know that she does not use the energy rail lifter on her slalom skis. Ill get back to you on that.
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Greg, I probably have the same skis as her. My rep told me that they were the "team skis" and they are a hell of alot stiffer then what you get of the shelf. They have the painted on graphics (no plastic tip) but not the vertical (sandwich) sidewall. Either way I'm happy. I was kind of worried about skiing on a regular flex 163 for slalom.
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