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Atomic CR:412 Binding

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Well, I ended up picking up a pair of Atomic R:11's. I was considering the C:9 or SX:11 but I thought I might be a little too big for the C:9 and I wanted something that would be a little more versatile in bumps and light powder, so I chose the R:11 instead of the SX. I did some calling around to my local shops and one had a pair left for $259.....for that price I said SOLD!

So I want to get the CR:412 binding in black/orange for it. Looking on ebay looks like around $100 unless I try Cupolos but with the recent negative feedback I don't think its worth taking the chance. Anyway, some listings are for CR:412 TD and some are just for CR:412. What does the TD signify? Or are they the same thing and the poster didn't put in the TD in the other ones?

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Well, I had to dig out the old catalogue and guess what, they don't list a CR:412 TD. At first, I though it was for TeleDaddy, but why would that ski require a binding from the Alpine catalogue? Then I thought, hmm, maybe for the SugarDaddy but that one is called AFT 412 99. I have no other info for what you require. I'd make sure it was the plain old CR:412. It has a 74mm brake width to go with the 70mm waist width of the R:11.
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Could it be a simple designation for color or something along those lines? Or maybe the whole model number is CR:412 TD and some people just didn't type the TD ?
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I have last year's PDF file with their bindings listed and there is only the CR:412 (BLACK/ORANGE), and the CR:412ex (BLACK/RED) there's no bindings of any models with a TD after the name. On this year's website there isn't even a CR:412, it's called DEVICE 412. I noticed that one of the eBay listings says TD and EX. On the spec sheet the ex is exactly the same exact for the color. You might want to contact Atomic. Maybe it's a non-US version?

I tried to attach the PDF document to this post, hopefully it'll work.
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PDF again

I can't download the PDF I uploaded for you, so I'm trying again on a different browser.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
On this year's website there isn't even a CR:412, it's called DEVICE 412.
The Device line coexisted with the CR line, they are lower end bindings.
The CR was replaced by the Neox, with similar prices. (Except for that electronic $1K model..)
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Cupolo had 6.14 & 4.12 with the TD designation, except they called it the TDX which was completly wrong. When I called it turned out it was an EX with over 80+ mm brakes. Anyway I'll see what I can find out!
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From what I was told from a shop today, their CR:412 had a TD sticker on it too. He said it didn't mean anything and something like the TD's were last years and without TD was year before.......but I don't think that's true. Anyway, they didn't seem to think it mattered.
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