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Looking for recommendations on a Women's Ski

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I am a high-intermediate/advanced skiier looking to buy an all mountain style ski. I ski only in the Northwest, almost exclusively on Mount Hood. I'd like a ski that would handle 75% on groomed and 25% off. I am a moderately aggressive skiier. I am of average build, 5'4" and 140lbs. I'm looking for a ski that can handle almost any condition; powder, packed powder, groomed and crud. Thanks for the help!
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Wow, you just missed demo day on Sunday. Great chance to form some of your own opinions on the different equipment out there. You need to ride it to make up your own mind.
my two cents, hope to see you up there.
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Yeah, don't rub it in. It's hard to go skiing when your kid has a 103.9 temp. the night before.
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You have lots of options.

Most companies have developed Women specific ski, to a point. Personally, I think some companies have just changed the cosmetic and start the sizes shorter, typically at 150 cm.

Try the following:

Head Monster Mi Lowest model (can't remember the number)
Rossi B1 or B2
Salomon Scream 8 or Scream Hot
Atomic R10 or the one below R9 (I think, use to be 9.22)

Those are the line I deal with, sorry I am not familiar with other companies.

Lenght, I would look at 160cm ish

Good luck, try out some demo's if possible.
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I would recommend trying the K2 T-Nine X, the Rossignol B1 W & B2 W. All three are designed for women. The T-Nine X and B1 W have 70mm waists while the B2 W has an 76mm waist. The B2 W is aimed at skiers the spend 50% of their time off-piste but you might enjoy their wider waist for handling the the sloppy conditions you can encounter on Mt. Hood.

Other skis you might want to consider are the Atomic R9, Dynastar Intuitiv 71, the Salomon X-Scream Pilot 8 and the Salomon 1080 (which is what my daughter used when she mainly skied Mt. Ashland & Mt. Hood).
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My wife is 5'2 about 105 lbs. She is on the K2 T9 X. She loves it. Takes it into virtually any terrain. I just demo'ed the Axis XP which is a really, really good ski. A really, really fun ski! Get thee to the hill and demo! The 35 buck for 2 pair a day is money well spent.

Based on my demo, I'd suggest the ladies version of the Axis XP and probably a Rossi. I suspect that I'll be buying the XP myself. Did I mention fun!
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Obviously you should demo, but your size and skiing preference are similar to a friend of mine and her skiing has improved a lot since she got Pocket Rockets earlier this season. She's said they turn very easily and make her less afraid to jump off the groomers and try new things.
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My wife has some new Elan Whisper 6.0 that she likes and a woman in my ski club just bought the Whisper 8.0 and she also likes hers!! Stable at speed and easy turn initiation. They both like the weight of the ski as well. Not heavy but not light as a feather either!!

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks for all the advice so far. I have a couple of more questions...

What differences are there between the Atomic 2004 R:10 W; the 2004 R:9; and 2003 Beta Ride 9.22?

I was also wondering about construction quality and expected lifespan of the listed Atomics; the Salomon Scream Pilot 8W and the Rossignol B2W's?

Thanks again.
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I am about your size and about the same ability (advanced, not expert yet), and I love my Atomic 10EX. I would not go with the women specific ski and the skis suggested here, especially women version, are more for low intermidiate skiers. You ski Northwest so more width and especially more stiffness will make heavy tracked up snow much easier
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Fischer Big Stix FX7.6 if you are a powerful, strong skier

Fischer Big Stix FX7.0 if you are a quiet, mellow skier
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I would describe my skiing ability the same way you did and I ski the Atomic R:10. The R:10's have handled every condition I have put them in with ease. They are pretty stiff and I'm a little taller and heavier than you. I love them because they carve great, hold an edge, power through crud, and/or just cruise if I want to. I live in the NE and am not very familiar with NW conditions, if it's powder like Utah prob not the right ski but if it's variable and you like the groomers anyway then I would definately recommend demoing. Most ski shops will apply the demo fee to the cost of the ski.

Good luck!
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B1 or B2 are good choices or maybe the Volkl 724 Ax3 (formerly the G3) they are both good all over the mountain and carve resonably well. If you start getting into more off groomed stuff take a look at the k2 Phat luv. that ski is getting lots of good reviews.

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Here is a quote that sums up general Mt. Hood conditions: "Around here we call it Cascade concrete...it's sort of heavier and wetter; kinda sticky and forms into 'mashed potatoes' that gives us a chance to work on our balance." (quote from a previous post by Ryel) But the last couple of weeks we got spoiled with light, fluffy powder. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I finally got up and did a demo day at Mount Hood! Since I'm new to demoing and comparing different skis I would like to get some feedback to see if I'm on the right track in my assessments.

I tried the Atomic R:10 W and the Salomon Scream 8W Pilot both in a 160. I skiied on a variety of terrain, except very steep pitches.

I really liked the R:10. It seemed very stable and comfortable in all but really tight turns. It handled very well for me on the groomed and in ungroomed terrain.

The 8 W Pilot seemed more skittish and thrown around in crud for my liking. I also had a harder time in the ungroomed stuff. They also sounded almost hollow and echoed?

I also tried the '03 Bandit X W last year and they seemed to do fairly well, but I definately prefer the R:10.

I would still like to demo the AX3 or the AX3 Gamma.

Any reflections or suggestions? Thank you all for your help.

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Early This season my Sister who is a true expert skier demoed some Phat Luvs and well Loved them. This is comeing from a true ski snob. She didn't want to even demo a ski unless it was made in Germany or Austria. I was vary suprised to see that she bought the Phat Luvs.
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I'm glad that you liked the R:10's. Like I mentioned I love mine and feel like I will be able to grow with them for awhile. :
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Ah, I was in your same shoes last year! I had a pair of (beginner) Rossignol Cut10.4L's that I was skiing the heck out of, and realized I needed a new ski.

So I demo'd, and demo'd some more. My first demo was the K2 T:9 Spire. I thought that was my ski-- so easy to carve, and held up fine on our NE bulletproof. But a little skittish in the late-day crud. Then we went out to Killington for a couple days, I skied the Salomon Crossmax..9 (I think), upon recommendation from the ski shop. It took some getting used to. Maybe the freezing rain & sleet was a factor as well. By the end of the day I was fairly comfortable with them, but not ecstatic.
Back to NY for more demos. Took out the Volant V66 next. Hated it. Fell twice on a green slope-- the skis seemed too heavy to get out of their own way. I took out the K2 Axis X in a 167 length, because my husband had a pair and liked them for long turns. Yep, they were good on long turns, and thru the crud. Didn't want to make short turns, though. Back to the demo lodge. Then, I took out one more ski-- read about it in the mags, and it sounded intriguing. It was the Atomic R:10, size 160cm. (I'm 5'3" & 130lbs). Bingo! From the first time out, I felt like that ski was made for my feet. I didn't have to adjust my technique or do anything weird to get the ski to respond. And when I pushed hard on a steep, icy slope, the skis held. When I ran them over the late-day crud piles, the skis held. I ran them as fast (as I dared) down a slope, and they never chattered. I told my husband that "I found MY speed limit, but not the skis speed limit!" I ended up buying a pair that day (March '03), and haven't looked back since.
Long turns, short turns (yep, they can turn short!), crud, ice, it's all good. Haven't had a chance to really run them in any serious powder (yet!). But I wouldn't hesistate to recommend them to an aspiring-advanced skier. I've become much more confident in my skiing, knowing that these skis can handle whatever I throw at them. Dang, that sounds like an ad for Atomic! But really, I'm very happy with them.
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My girlfriend would describe herself similarly to you - she just got the K2 T:Nine Spire and hasn't stopped smiling since. Says they're the best skis she's ever been on. Also tried the Rossi B1 and didn't like them at all. She's more of a carver and I think was turned off by the 70-inch waist on the Rossis (the Spire is 64 inches through the middle.) For more info we posted reviews on the Review board.
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I'm a Volkl man, Atomic is my second favorite. If you can, you owe it to yourself to demo the AX3. I think your final choice will come down to the Volkl or Atomic. Other skis try to match them but they all fall a bit short. Some may be close but there still not Volkl's.
I've demoed a lot, it's still Volkl's that make my day.

I finally got a buddy "Salomon man" to ski the Volkl 724 Pro. You should have seen the smile no his face, and that was with the demo binding. I told him to wait until he gets on the Piston Motion, when he gets his 724 Pro's this weekend.
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Having the oppurtunity to demo is always a great idea, but being in the business I can tell you the Atomics are universally loved by good skiers as well as myself. The R-11 for men is the equivalent of the R-10 and is by far the favorite of most of our employees as well as mine. The R-10 or R-11s are easily the best choice of a do it all ski short of a full blown race ski which would surely be less versatile. Salomons are definitely less stable due to construction and the lack of stability added by the way the Pilot system is mounted as it adds no firmness to the tip or tail of the ski. Volkls used to be the favorite of good skiers but have recently fallen short in the past few years due to changes in construction neccessitated by a lawsuit from Rossignol.

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an2ski, once you have decided on a ski, go back and demo one size longer and one size shorter that what you used originally. I like a longer ski for stability and am willing to give up a little in the turning effort catagory. Your comments about being thrown around in crud, made me think that you may be like me, and would like a slightly longer ski.
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Rossi B2 in a 160 would be a great ski. The B1 is too narrow. For those conditions you need a mid-fat with a waist of 74+ This year's B2 is 76 (last year's Bandit XX is 74 and would be a good buy if you can find them).


ps, don't go any longer than 160. Go shorter if you can.
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