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help with new skis

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hi all am new to this forum but been reading the posts for a while. this place is GREAT

i'm looking to buy my own skis for the first time but have been skiing for the past 10 years, mostly in Europe. Unfortunately, living in the UK makes it hard to demo. I'd like skis that are stable at high speeds on piste, especially in icy conditions but also allow me to cruise off piste or at the end of a long day. I tend to ski moderately fast and like both short and long turns. My weakness are the moguls on those steep icy black runs but I did a lesson last spring which has helped me improve significantly though I am sure I could do with some more work.
My height is 1.64m and am 48kg.

Having looked at whats on offer this season, i've provisionally picked the Volkl supersport gamma (154) and the Atomic Metron M9 (150). I've got my own pair of Lange women-specific boots from last year. What do you guys think? Should i stick to women-specific based on my weight? Would appreciate some advice before I put down any money. Also, would it be cheaper to buy from the resort shops? I'll be in Zermatt later this year but i'm told its expensive out there. I've skiied there many times before but never thought to check out the prices of skis.

Thanks in advance for reading through all this. Am grateful for any wise words!

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Based on your weight and height, I would stick to women specific products. They are specificaly designed for women in your height and weight range. The boots really don't matter as long as you are comfortable in them. When it comes to a ski, it is hard for me to tell without seeing you. I would never recomend buying in any resort town in the world. They pray on that. You might be better off by trying demo skis when you go there. Then at least you get to try a lot of things before you make a commitment.
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thanks for the advice - will stick to the ladies' stuff. Has anyone tried the new gamma supersport? Any opinions on the ski, good or bad? And is the 154 a good length for my weight/height/ability?
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I would tend to agree that prices are higher in resort towns, but remember what you're paying for. People who work in shops in resort towns tend to ski; a lot! This is not always true in shops in bigger cities. In particular many Brits arrive here having bought equipment somewhere else from shops that obviously had no idea what they were talking about. They come into shops here complaining that they aren't having a very good time on their current equipment. They then either spend money (again) on new stuff or continue to have a miserable time on their inappropriate gear. It might be worth spending a little more to begin with in a resort town than getting the wrong gear for cheaper.

Something else to consider if you are only taking a couple of ski holidays a year. Many people in this situation are now only buying boots (and you seem to like the ones you already have) and then renting skis. There are a number of advantages to this. You get to always try the newest and gratest; it makes travelling much easier; you don't have to worry about maintaining them; the initial outlay is much less. The obvious disadvantage is that you don't always beome as comfortable with the ski as you would on a ski that you own and use all the time. But if you don't like a ski, it is much easier to change styles on a rental program than sell your own and buy a new pair.

Just some things to consider. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Last year my (now ex-) girlfriend received a pair of K2 T:nine (blue and white model) and loved them to death. She's an expert skier (level 8? )handling pretty much anything you throw at her; quick but not wickedly fast. She was blown away but them.
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Marker Bindings

thanks for all the info. have learnt heaps from reading through the various posts here. Have decided to go for the Volkl SS gamma - like the edge hold with volkl rentals i skiied previously. Just one other question though (your patience is much appreciated ): what do you guys think of the marker motion bindings? the idea of just one central pin is just a little scary.

Will be going shopping on Monday, and skiing in 14 days. yup, doing the countdown, webcam thing. can't wait...
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Am now proud owner of a pair of Volkl SS Gammas in 154. Have not ventured beyond the livingroom carpet - just dying to get on the real stuff and rip it up!!!

thanks all for the help, and have a GREAT time on the snow
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hey wyl,
Welcome to EpicSki!
Where abouts in the UK are you, and where did you pick up your skis? (please don't say "slush & rubble"!)
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Originally Posted by wyldorian
My height is 1.64m and am 48kg.

Should i stick to women-specific based on my weight? Would appreciate some advice before I put down any money.
Thanks in advance for reading through all this. Am grateful for any wise words!

Women specific skis largely have to do with the mounting points of the bindings. This is largely due to the weight distribution differences between men and women's bodies. they also tend to be softer in flex. K2 makes a pretty darn good womens line.

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er... i did actually go to S+R. Convenient, centre of town etc. Have you had bad experiences with them? I didn't get much good advice from them but then again, I wasn't asking. Hence the combing through forums like this. Don't trust what shops have to say - i mean, they are trying to sell aren't they? I did ask them to wax my skis and check the tuning though. And I checked myself that the bases were ok.

oh, and i checked the prices of some skis online at the resorts - you're right, they're WAY more expensive.
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