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The Stupid Question

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by Barney Knoob

"Would you ever get tired of skiing powder?"

Would you come to miss your spring corn if it just kept snowing and staying cold enough to keep it dry?

Would you begin to bemoan the fact that your moguls had been smothered with no sign of ever revealing themselves again?

Would you be just as happy running your gates and stacking up G's in the big turns...only in your dreams?

Would you and your fellow powhounds gather and mention "heresy" or "sacrilege" upon hearing a fellow Comrade of the Deep mutter while rising in the Germania chair, "Damn, I'm so SICK of this stuff"?

Or would you be content to just suck it up and ski powder forever, like they do in Heaven?

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You'd get tired of it.

Too much of anything leads to overload and boredom.

Look at Pam Anderson, after just a few short years, Tommy Lee was smacking the
sh!t out of her and kicked her to the curb.

Remember, "No matter how hot she is, and how bad you want her, some guy somewhere is sick and tired of her BS."

Same applies here. After skiing endless days of waist deep, you'd be starving for high speed corduroy or icy bumps just for variety's sake.
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I guess I agree that it's possible to overdo just about anything, but it would be outstanding to get sick and tired of skiing powder. That is one good thing I would love to get too much of.
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never, never, never !

i live in houston, which has no mountains + gets an inch of snow each year. i have waken up "skied out" on vacation more than a couple of times, but i still make myself go to the lifts and by the time i'm halfway down the 1st trail of the day; i'm there until they pull me off the mountain. a bad day skiing is still better than a good day at almost anything else(especially work), powder,groomed or corn !
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I would love to find out how many weeks it takes to get bored of powder. New goal in Life, how long does it take to get bored of great conditions. I should be so lucky. I live in Ontario where any thing that does not refelct blue is called packed powder. If it looks blue then it's called hard packed.
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I'd miss crud, cream, wind buff and corn, but I would never miss ice or moguls and especially never miss icy moguls.
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