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A couple friends considering taking some lessons (who apparently hold my opinion in higher regard than it deserves) recently asked me about the SnowPerformance ski school. They teach regularly at Crystal Mountain, WA in the winter, as well as Mt. Hood in the summer, with trips to some other places. The head of the school is Gavin Kerr Hunter.

I found a thread here from last February with two fairly glowing references. Their website ( www.snowperformance.com ) also creates a positive impression.

This would be for upper-intermediate / maybe-advanced adult women, though if you have anything vaguely relevant to say, I'd appreciate it.
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Sorry, sjjohnston--I know nothing about them. Looking at their site, it sounds like they are using some competent instructors ("We employ a select handful of extremely motivated, talented and professional Coaches" and "Our coaches have all reached the highest certification level in PSIA, AASI and BASI. They are: divisional trainers, examiners and tech team members. Other designations include: PSIA National Demonstration Team members, Olympic racers and World Cup team coaches). I must say, though, that their failure to name any of this "select handful" makes me a little suspicious. Could be, though, and if so, I'd expect a pretty good program.

I'm also a little surprised that your post has been here for five days now, and not one of the nearly 7000 EpicSki members has reported any experience with this program. I'd do a little more research. If you do go, be sure to tell us all about it! I'd like to think it's as good a program as they suggest on their web site. Good luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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You will have a great time with the SnowPerformance School. Gavin is a DCL and Examiner and I know he uses a lot of the Northwest DCL staff for his camps. I'm sure if you sent him an email he could tell you who they are.
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Gavin was one of my examiners when I passed my PSIA Level II Exam. Of all the PSIA Elite I have skied with I would rate him right at the top.He and his fellow Examiner created a partnership with myself and the 8 other candidates that was a clinic in itself. I would take a lesson from him or his staff anytime.
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