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Lonefrontranger, My wife is the exact same size as you, she doesn't have all the leg strength but very close, the big calves etc., Her skiing ability is beginner instructor level for 2 seasons and she skiis every thing. Her skis are the Volkl V20/20 at 154 cm great ski, she makes any type of turn with them, being 2-3 years old you might find something like that on ebay. I would not go over 160cm in your case, I'm 6' 205 and ski on a 168cm, smaller is really better in skiis now. Love to hear the pain in the front of the shins it means your not on your heels as much ( once you get proper boots that will subside just don't lose the technique), try to pressure the sides of the boot in the front diagonnally when turning instead of just pushing the front of the shin into the boot. Everyone is right on about getting good boots, I would lean more to the softer flexing type instead of one step down from racing boot, if your shins are hurting now they will kill if you are in too stiff flexing boot. I dread the time for new boots because it is very difficult for me to get an off the rack boot, you will probably need to get it" massaged " to get them to fit perfectly but that is what you want. You want to ski all day and its great that you have the legs for it, now you just want the feet and shins to hold up too! Good luck on the skiing, my advise : ski all types of terrain and conditions, work on some drills for a run or two then SKI! have FUN
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Lots of good advice here! One comment- I would not get too discouraged about the boot problem yet, and especially do not generalize from your experience with the rental boots. I think that the only relationship between a rental boot and one that is properly chosen and custom fit for you is that they both go on your feet. Beyond that, they are entirely different, and the difference you will notice in balance and performance (as well as comfort) will probably amaze you. You should be able to get what you want for far less than $1000. In fact, if you can be guided to a boot that is right for you form last year's model line, you can probably get the boot itself for under $350, and then another $250 or so for custom work and foot beds, depending on what you end up needing.
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I'll throw in my .02 even though it will look a lot like everybody else's. First off WELCOME!!

Definitely look at boots first and foremost. I'm 17, an avid skier from the south (go figure), and manage as many days as I can every year. A few of the bears remember my boot troubles I'd say. They wern't fit related, but I lost one pair, did the same thing with the next, but got them back.

One thing I learned with the second boot I bought is how important fit and flex are. My first pair was too low in the instep, killed my foot through that area, and they were so soft that I couldn't flex my skis. When I got new boots, my skiing instantly went up 2 levels. I became much more confident and able to do so much more with my skis. It was amazing. So, get a boot that fits, and also one that's maybe a little bit above your skill level. A high intermediate to low level advanced boot. You've got the muscle to flew them.

As for skis. The C9:Ws were mentioned. This would be an excelent choice. Another ski that might do you well is the Atomic R:10. I don't know what your budget is or what kind of a deal this is, but the ski with bindings is in Sierra Trading Post right now for $599.95. My experience is you can probably do better on ebay. This might also be a little bit too much ski for you, but again, I don't know for sure.

There's so many skis out there though, selecting a good one is not a hard thing to do at all. It's hardly a question of quality any more. It's more about specific characteristics. Some have great edge hold, others might generally be "faster," it's all in what you want.

So, since you've probably skimmed this whole thing and it looks like all the rest, summary.


Atomic C9:W
Atomic R:10 $599 Sierra Trading Post

Have a great Thanksgiving.
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