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Unique training strategies....

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Originally Posted by website follows
Q: (about German Volume Traning): I found that by the time I'd finished 100 sets of bench presses, there was no way I could work triceps.
A: That's strange. I usually do about 1300 sets of kick backs after I complete my 100 sets of bench presses. I change my grip by about 1/100 of a millimeter each set to make sure I hit the triceps from all angles. I believe the reason why you can't do any tricep work after 100 sets of benches is that you're not supplementing with boron.

There's lots more....http://home.online.no/~janbagg/qa.htm
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Larsen, Jan Baggerud et al Deadlift poundages are not increasing in rabbits smoking cigarettes. Journal of pets not doing what they're told & therefore not getting bigger, v.1, n.1, (1999. March): 1-1123:
and especially:

In fact, my stabilizers now overpower my prime movers, and I can bench press far more on a swiss ball than on a normal bench. I'm thinking about doing the one arm pole vault on a swiss ball to train the internal stabilizer of the rotator cuff (the rotatus stabilisus minimus)
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When I did 20 rep breathing squats I had great success force feeding whole milk between each rep. I would do one rep and then start breathing like a steam engine. Then as I was inhaling before the next rep my training partner would literally *throw* a pint of whole milk down my throat and follow up with a plunger to keep the milk down. I would then descend, explode up, and my training partner would remove the plunger to allow me to breath again. I would usually gain about 20 lbs of bodyweight in one set. After the last rep I would keep the plunger down my throat to keep the milk down. I tried increasing the dosage to 1 quart for each rep but after 19 reps the milk exploded out of my ears and painted the walls in the gym "milky ear wax yellow". The gym owner was actually quite happy because he didn't have to paint the walls that year.....
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Or this gem:
Squatting onto a swiss ball > You may place some heavy dumbbells around its base or devise your own wedging method to stop the ball from rolling or shifting.

Strange. I tried several wedging methods with no luck. I even tried an Atomic Wedgie (pulled the waistband of my underwear on top of my head), but I still fell backwards and smashed my head in the rack on every single rep!

>> And aren't you asking quite a bit of a spotter if you get on a smaller version of the ball, and box squat? perhaps hampering the spotter's ability to save your bacon in the event of a catastrophic, um, ball relocation? Just wondering. And yes, these are beginning to sound like new ideas for Jan....

Actually I've been working on this concept for quite some time now using a custom made Norwegian blue burst-a-ball. With a 150% squat RM on your back you sit on the ball like in a seated good morning. Start bouncing up and down and at the same time tilt the upper body slightly forward like in a arched back GM. Eventually the ball will burst and you collapse forward with straight legs. The ball is filled with tampons and sanitary napkins, so after the ball bursts your butt will end up in a higher position than your legs and this will create a tremendous pre-stretch effect very similar to rounded back dive good mornings. When your nose hits the floor, with a rounded back explode back up (just like Chuck Vo-Whatshisname-with-the-strong-back in the WSB squat videos).

Preliminary research done in a power rack in Norway seems to support the theory that this exercise will retrograde the neural pathway of the Golgi-Tendon reflex. The only problem I have is that this exercise seems to inhibit another inhibitory interneuron.


(new thought: maybe I can confuse the organ with intra-organ injections of melatonin. Great, now I won't get any sleep tonight...)

Wow, I just got another idea: by applying electricity to a swiss ball I could probably get a supra-additive rebound effect in the ball squat!

> Just watch what you eat before you do that. A lactose intolerant individual after drinking a quart of milk could be a rather explosive lifter. All it would take is a spark.

YES! That's even better than my original idea. Squat + swiss ball + electricity + milk + lactose intolerance. Throw in a 100 grams of vitamin C and 200 grams of baking soda and NASA could forget about the Ion Propulsion technology for their "Deep space 1" spacecraft!!
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Love it. This is out of control. Take it to the next level and nest with the angels of incipient . . . well, er, ah.

Where is James Joyce when ryan needs him?
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Care for a little plyometrics with that swiss ball?....

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ROTHFLMAO on the swissball link. EXCELLENT and funny. Leaves enough to the imagination. Good job.

I was thinking about the other stuff, lifting weights while sitting on the swissball. I wonder what would happen to the ball if it was a little too small and the weights were a little to heavy? (Use your imagination..................oops................. proctoscope.)
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HA! Our local Recreation Center staff actually suggested Plyometrics on the Fitball when They were interviewd by the Summit Daily!:

T-Square: Certain stability balls are made for lweight lifting. That being said, you don't power lift on a stability ball, unless you're a complete moron! The best sequence is a traditional exercise at a heavier weight, followed by an exercise for the same muscle group at a lighter weight.
OOPS! This is the humor section!
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