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Colorado, Mt. NM, Nevada and Utah Skiing

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For all the true blue skiiers out there, my idea is to not go to any resorts
in the above states to "thank" them for our last pres. election. We should patronize California, Oregon, Washington, the Eastern States resorts and Canadian resorts this winter. Hit 'em where it hurts-after all, we are the ones with the dough! What do "y'all" think?
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I was/am a staunch Democrat, Kerry Voter. But, dude - sorry - i need to ski pow.

Can't we all just get along - at least till the ski season is over -
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Besides, I have 3 trips planned this season to "Red" country - UT, CO, WY. If i cancel these trips i may never recover from my post-election "Blues".
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No, dude, you got the wrong idea. You gotta get you and a butch of your blue buddies to move to a margin state (one where Bush got 49%) like Ohio between now and 2008. That's assuming you live in a state that Kerry really cleaned up in. That help stack the electoral votes for the next election.

Of course if this thread goes much further, it 'll get moved to the lounge.
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Politics And Snow

--- They just don't mix!!!
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Good idea, but skiing comes first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tks for post on my thread. What's your favorite in NE; I like Stowe, Pico (hate Killington), Stratton in VT, and Snowshoe in Mid-Atlantic. Haven't been to Maine nor NH; maybe in spring?

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Sounds good to me. You should definitely do that. More elbow room for my 100% republican family on our 2 trips to Utah and 1 to Colorado this year.

Next you are going to say I make too much money and should give that ski trip money to the poor.
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i went to minnesota from texas the week before election to try and turn it into a red state for GW. thats what you want to do if you wanted to win for kerry.

skipping out on ski resorts because theyre in red states only hurts you. :
why would you give up a mountain you love for someone that has minimal impact on you. i sure wouldnt, but myself and cbgarret would appreciate the extra "elbow room".

nothing is going to keep me from being the first one at the lifts under a blue-bird sky with a foot of silky smooth snow and one of the last ones down with the shadows of the mountain range telling me it closing time and then watching the sun set over those gorgeous white-capped mountains with ice cold beverage in hand ready to repeat it all again tomorrow.
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Yeah, come to California so you can ski with all the illegal aliens who inhabit the state. Maybe you'll get in a car wreck with one of them that the democrats want to allow to have drivers licenses. If you stub your toe while skiing, you can get some whack-job to give you a prescription for "medical" marijuana so you can get stoned. Heck, you might as well go all the way and shoot a lil heroin since it will kill the pain just as well....and if you get caught, since it's just an addiction, you just have to go to re-hab. No jail for you!!
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nice synopsis, K2rider

Arnie skis.
Heck, Arnie makes turns with the Hermanator.

"It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat."

- my Guvnah
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go to the green resorts

Pitkin county went 69% for Kerry, Eagle went 53% for Kerry, Summit went 59% for Kerry. Even the republicans that live there are the more reasonable type. The crazy people in CO live in the flat Eastern section. WWJD - well he sure as hell wouldn't ski ( I think that was in Romans).


If you want to vote with your feet, perhaps the best way is to go to resorts that have policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions. An example would be the Cirque lift at Snowmass, but there are countless other examples of resorts that have stuck their neck out to be environmentally friendly, like discounts for people who carpool.

I have put a significant amount of thought into the red state boycott issue as well. I too considered taking CO off the list this year. On the other hand, Ken Salazar beat Coors - so it sort of balances out.

Politics and Skiing do mix. The earth is getting hotter and we (the consumers in the US are largely to blame). The end result could be fewer days of skiing with worse conditions and more people. This is a political issue and one that I put way ahead of issues like gays, guns, and terrorists.

The soap box is all yours

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Feeling Slighted in Idaho

Hey! Idaho's a red state too. Why weren't we on the initial boycott list with our brethren from CO, UT, MT, NM, NV and WY?

Actually, I'm not happy that Idaho's a red state, but fair is fair! And I'm always ready to do my part to keep the pow, when we get it, all to our local selves.
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Originally Posted by cbgarrett
Next you are going to say I make too much money and should give that ski trip money to the poor.
Nah, give it to me! I have no problem with welfare fraud as long as it gets me skiing.

Seriously, I'm a confirmed liberal : Democrat but I have no problem with skiing with Republicans. The last thing I'm thinking about when I'm sliding is politics.
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Whatever dawg, if it's snowin', I'm goin. I don't care which way they swing.
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[quote=cbgarrett]Sounds good to me. You should definitely do that. More elbow room for my 100% republican family on our 2 trips to Utah and 1 to Colorado this year.

I'm with you, see you at Alta this year.
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Hi Lifer,

Oh! I'm sorry- yes - I forgot Idaho, and Wyoming too! Thanks for reminding everyone.
I'm really glad I'm going up to Canada this winter, so I can ski with NORMAL people.
Anyway AirAmerica radio is talking about all the voter fraud that went on in Ohio, Fl. and NM. So maybe we should give NM a pass.
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Hey K2

go easy on the illegals. Our agriculture industry needs them. surely you don't want to pay $5 for a head of lettuce. I sure don't want to pay 500 bucks a month to my gardener.

but you are right on one count. we don't want to be encouraging them to take driving lessons to get a drivers license - that would only make the lines at the DMV office longer.
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Well, you may need to reconsider California. In El Dorado County, home to Sierra, Heavenly and others, the vote was 60.9% for Bush, 37.9% Kerry.

In Placer County, home to Squaw, Alpine, Boreal, Sugar, NorthStar the vote was 62.6% Bush and 36.7% Kerry.

In Mono County home of Mammoth, the vote was tied at 2200 votes each (49.3%)

In Alpine County (Kirkwood) Kerry won 53.4% (373 votes) to 44.5% (311 votes).

Most of Eastern CA routinely votes Republican, but the overwhelming population in the Bay Area and near LA overwhelms the results. California is divided West and East with liberal trands prevailing on the West Coast. But, the skiing counties are generally Republican. Anyway, to stay true to the boycott, you need to ski at Kirkwood or Mammoth.

I'm glad to say, politics do not affect where I ski. It goes with freedom of choice.

Information Source: http://vote2004.ss.ca.gov/Returns/pres/00.htm#cty
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its over ! Bush won ! get over it !

can we move this back to the lounge ? skiing and baseball are my last 2 escapes from reality.
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man you people are WAYY too hung up on politics. I mean, why not go to a resort because of politics. Thought I had heard of everything, guess not. I voted for Kerry, but there's no way i'd skip a place cause it was a bash state. That's just plain stupid.
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**Oops, No politics in skiing threads. I've already been warned. Previous, delicious response deleted by me.**
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