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Ebay Ski Sales

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Recently, there have been many threads written about ebay experiences. For the most part, these threads have been negative. I would like people to post comments regarding positive experiences buying ski products on ebay. Who is the best seller? Who has provided the best service? Who is to be trusted? Feel free to share positive experiences with the forum. I would have started a poll, but I didn't want to be labeled...FLAWED!!!
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I have bought many of Flexons on Ebay. From a low $1.99 for a NEW pair for my wife to the $50.00 range. Skis, I have bought my Elan Stealth there and I also have bought a couple of Salomon bindings. I would say I have had 10+ "ski" purchases on ebay w/o a hitch. I sold some gear too w/o any problems. One note, I sold some Goode poles for more than they retailed for...go figure.
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Really all you need to be aware of is the seller's ratings. Look at the previous transactions and this will influence your decision to purchase from a particular seller. I have used ebay probably a dozen times and never had any issues.
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Ebay ethical seller

My only experiences on Ebay are as a seller of skis, boots and bindings and have been good except for the last sale I made. I made a mistake and shipped the wrong item (had 2 identical skis and 1 had some cosmetic topskin dings) and it cost me some money and time to correct the mistake. The seller got exactly what he wanted in the end and I sold the other pair (identical skis and bindings) locally at a higher price.

All is well that ends well.

My buyers have all been satisfied. The goods have been exactly as described and priced reasonably. However, I am sure there is a lot of crap and misrepresented goods on Ebay. Sellers are stupid to do that as they will most likely get dinged on their ratings and it will be much harder to sell future goods. Low rated sellers should be avoided if they are consistently low. I would never buy used racing gear on way of knowing how much life is left in the gear.
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I've bought from:

The Ski Hut
Sports Liquidator
Alphine Sports Outlet
Alphine Sporting Goods
My Ski Shop
Park City Sports

I've had good luck & received good service from all of them. Knock on wood.

BTW Canyon, you indicated in the past that you're an ebay seller. What ebay name do you sell under? Feel free to pm.
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I have never had a problem with any purchases of ski equipment on eBay. I've made about 8 eBay ski equipment purchases. I do mainly stick to new gear after buying some used non-skiing items that were in horrid shape that the seller listed as having normal wear.
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I bought a pair of 6*****'s off of ebay. I had a great experience. Skis wee shipped on time new in the wrapper. I talked to the owner and he helped me with the proper legnth. The experience was very smooth. The seller was Valluga ski hut and the contact is Carmen. I would highly reccomend this seller.
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I bought some skis from Sports Liquidators off of E-bay. It was a positive experience, had what I ordered in 3 days, good price and the skis were as advertised, still in the wrapper. I'd do it again: good skis, good price and hassle free
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I purchased a pair of skis/bindings from proskiguy
Ski bag from scoobygoodboy
goggles from three different sellers

Never any problems.
I'm not sure if I've just been lucky, but I do check the ratings.

Now all I need is to be able to put all this damn equipment on some nice, thick, fluffy white snow.
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I bought a pair of Technica boots. New, with tags still attached, for $87 including shipping. They were selling, at that time, for $350 at a local store.
I bought them from a private party (not a ski store). Not sure where he got them from (perhaps I don't want to know). Three seasons later I'm still happy with them.
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I've bought skis and boots on 4 or 5 occasions from Cupolo's - no problems. One mixup that Jay went out of his way to clear up, after I pointed it out. Also good experiences with Denver Wholesale Skis, Galactic, and Avalanche sports. And several private party sales. Sometimes used equipment from private parties was more banged up than represented, and on one occasion bindings failed. Rio's point (stick to new equipment) is well taken.

Seller ratings are helpful. Seller's response to emails is not necessarily a good indicator though. Best deal I ever got was from completely non-responsive seller - but I rolled the dice and got a great deal on a great pair of skis.
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Great experiences with:

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in October, I bought Supersport 6* new from, also known as thinksnow1. No problems. Skis and bindings arrived in factory shrinkwrap for $715 plus shipping. Jason was easy to communicate with and is a canadian vendor. He is currently selling Volkl 724 Pro for $639 USD with bindings (it is getting bid up).
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DId you get AT PCOS for $715. I think that his $715 auction does NOT include pistons! Same with the 724 Pros.
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Couple of years ago I bought skis and bindings(all Atomics) from Sport Liquidator(one which is based in Vancouver, BC, i think). Everything was perfect, though since then I do not buy skis on e-bay anymore. My local shop often has deals which by overall meaning(mounting, future servicing and discounts) beat/match e-bay prices.
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I have read the recent negative threads, but I have had two excellent experiences with Cupolo. Two smooth transactions on two excellent skis with incred. low prices.
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Originally Posted by Canyons
DId you get AT PCOS for $715. I think that his $715 auction does NOT include pistons! Same with the 724 Pros.
He sells the PCOS for $65 extra. You can install it at any time on the AT binding. So far, I have not seen the need for it. Has anyone skied the Marker Motion AT with PCOS? Can you compare ski behavior with and without this device?
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider
He sells the PCOS for $65 extra. You can install it at any time on the AT binding. So far, I have not seen the need for it. Has anyone skied the Marker Motion AT with PCOS? Can you compare ski behavior with and without this device?
This is a great topic for a new thread. Is the piston upgrade worth the extra $? I bet that it matters much more to the eastern skier.
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I bought Boots from Cupolo. They are the same boot that a local Ski Shop tried to sell me for $450 "on sale". I got them of $99 for shipping and they even threw in the car heater cable! I am VERY pleased. In fact, I was quite in shock when they arrived from Canada in less than a week.
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I have over 50 transactions without any problem.

All my skiis are from ebay. Never payed more than $250 for skis and bindings as a result.
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Only one ski purchase from eBay. I bought skis for my daughter (80cm Rossi princess skis!), and it went off without a hitch. I don't remember who the seller was, but it was a major eBay ski equipment seller (tons of positive feedback).
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I sold an everquest character there for 1000 dollars. Certainly no complaints from me!

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