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Shipping Skis

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Thinking about selling some old skis and need to know if it's pratical to do other than local sale.

Some question about shipping a pair of skis, mounted with bindings domestically a few states away...

About how much do skis and bindings weight, figure a bit heavier than average?

Where do you get a box the proper size?

About what does it cost?

What's the best carrier? UPS? USPS?

Anything else to know?
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UPS or Fed-Ex are choices. As far as a box, stop by a local ski shop. You might have to "dumpster dive" but they usually have some boxes.
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Are you talking about a one-time deal or shipping to resorts during the season? I have hard case and ship UPS ground rather than take to airport. Pack case full of gear with skis, less to drag around and it will get there opposed to ending up in Mexico.
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I have found that UPS ground is the cheapest. Been able to ship skis/bindings to the lower 48 for $20-30. Wieght should be about 15-20 lbs depending on the skis and packing. They will charge for under 30lbs and make sure that they are insured just in case. Local UPS handle the transaction in minutes once you are in their computer which will produce a shipping label.

As for packing get a snowboard box from your local ski shop. Make sure the skis are taped together to prevent base/edge damage (put wax paper between the bases). Also you can use some additional cardboard or other packing material to keep the skis from shifting inside the box.

Shipped 8 or 10 pair in the last 3 years and all arrived safely without damage.
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I ship skis all the time.I have stuff in transit too often..like now.I put them in old ski bags.U can find them in any junk store..LOL..yes sometimes I charge for them.ROFL LMAO..last time I stuck my head in a junk store for a few bags they would NOT sell me just the bag..HAD to take a new padded bag and a pretty new pair of straight skis with some top dog Sally's on for $7. It s QUICK and done.I NEVER have any problems.ALTHOUGH last week I was having another pair of skis shipped to me and the fellow said the Post Office would NOT ship in a ski bag??..
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I am with Phil, any local ski shop would be more than happy to give you a box that they recieve stuff in. They usually throw most of them in the dumpster. Especially in the early part of the season when we are receiving all our stock. If not, you can do what I have done in the past and piece one together. As long as it is wrapped well, UPS will ship with no problems. $25 is the most I have ever payed, coast to coast.
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