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Tele ski question

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Has anyone mounted conventional bindings on teleskis? If so how did they hold up?

A question from another thread has me curious about the subject. I know tele bindings can be used on any ski but how about the other way around?

Why, cause there are some great deals on some very cool tele skis out there.

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Tele and Alpine skis are essentially the same. The only difference might be weight; telemark being lighter for backcountry. Telemark gear has evolved so much in the last 10 years that the bindings and boots are made for terrain as broad and advanced as that for alpine skiers. The skis marketed as 'tele ski's' have had to keep up, so they are as designed exactly the same as alpine ski's. The only difference being the word Telemark on the ski. I have mounted tele bindings on alpine ski's, and vice versa. So go for it, get the good deal. A ski is a ski.

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Watch out

While the dimensions between an alpine and tele model often match, the construction of the skis can be quite different.

One reason tele models often weigh less is some are reinforced for binding screws under the toe only. If you mounted an alpine binding to this type of tele ski the heel would probably rip out on you.

Another difference is the flex pattern for tele skis is often quite different than their alpine counterpart.

If you want to mount alpine bindings on a tele ski look for skis that are recomended for tele and AT, karhu for example.
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