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Lift or no lift on bindings?

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For the Dynastar Legend 8000 and 4800, I know the Look bindings are recommended. But the Looks come with or without lifts. Carve skis usually get some benefit with lifts. Powder skis- flat, no lift. But what about all mountain skis?
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A bit of lift is good. I have 6mm on my 8000s and wouldn't want any less for all mountain skis.
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Both the 8000 and the 4800 will accept any binding. The lift on the Look bindings is not enough to make a measurable difference either way. If it had a riser plate like the old Intuitive 74, maybe, but not flat as the 8000 and the 4800 are currently. It's all a matter of personal preference.

BTW, I've always been a big fan of the Look/Rossi bindings but I'm going a different direction on my new 8000's. I just dropped them off tonight to be mounted with Tyrolia LD12 Railflex bindings with 35mm of lift. A little lift and the ability to change the position of the binding were the selling factors for me.
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Could you expand a bit on the reasons why lifts are a good thing? I am about to have some new Marker Piston Control bindings mounted on a new pair of Dynastar 8000's. I have been wondering about lifts and have been getting some contradictory information. I will be skiing at Telluride and much of my skiing will be off-piste. Any thoughts on lifts for my particular circumstances?

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You might want to check the thread on lifts for powder skis or not by the Mexican devil feller.
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Dguadatis - You gotto put lift under the bindings.

Coach13 - Good moove getting those LD-12's. I was skiing on them all last year on my Head iSL and they were a blast. I had a hard time finding a proper binding/ski combo and was looking at Fisher and Atomics but nothing could beat the Heads and the Tyrolias. Im now probably going to get some new Heads and put LD-12's on them again. The extra, non approved by FIS but who cares, raise under the boot is essential for any type of skiing. Race track, carving, mogules, teaching kids, crust, powder you name it. It would be really interesting to hear how you like them. They are offcourse mostly plastic and they get damaged pritty easy but worked perfectly for me during last season.
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