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Chairs running at Sunday River

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After a few chilly days/nights Sunday River opened today. Two chairs running. It is supposed to be cold tonight and Tomorrow. There may be a few trails open this weekend.
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I thought that they did not spin the chairs today but wanted to wait for a 9:00 am opening tomorrow.

According to their website and the SR message board at least.
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looks like warm weather will be moving in today and espescially tommorow! Bad for snowmaking - Im itching to get out but I always seem to hit something while on edge during early season runs -
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That's what the web site said, but they actually fired up Tues. afternoon.
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skied it today. Good coverage, only one real run open top to bottom though (the one to the left off the chair at spruce). Nice soft conditions with the weather today. Looks like they'll have something on barker or whitecap for this weekend though, as they had a fully snowed trail with no lift running over there.
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