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Rossi Rossi B3 vs. T4...same ski? OK for east coast?

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I guess this is a double question, so any input on either would be appreciated.

1) Is the T4 (Telemark version of B3) the same ski as the B3, just a bit lighter and says 'telemark' on it?

2) Anyone use either the B3 or T4 on east coast? I'm looking to mount one up with freerides as an offpiste (ok, and also onpiste as well) ski to replace my Jak BCs, which are too short...
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I posed this same question to a shop salesman while in Silverthorn, Co. a month ago. I was looking for a pair of B3's at a good price and stumbbled upon a few pair at a real nice price.

I asked him if they could be mounted with regular bindings and used as powder skis as the construction and girth is basically the same as the B3. The answer he gave was that he hadn't heard of anyone doing it for whatever reason it's a good question. He didn't recommend it. I don't know how knowledgeable he was. I balked at the deal anyhow.

I do know there are some people who have the T4 that frequent this website, maybe they'll chime in. Pierre Eh for one.

I do know that there are few days here that would warrant owning a wide powder ski exclusively. I use a mid fat such as the B2 which works nicely. You probably get more deep powder days than I do. I am going to buy a pair of powder skis this year and leave them in Colorado which will save me from hauling skis all over airports.
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This would definitely not be my everyday ski - mostly for BC in the east, with some trips to the resorts. I know it handles pow/crud, wondering about funky east coast BC snow and some breakable crust/etc. Also, I'm just wondering if the B3/T4 can handle its own on East coast groomers (and east coast ice) if I happen to take it there also because I'm in the mood to ski a fattie for the day (even though snow conditions dictate otherwise).

I've got 1080s for most onpiste work.
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per the long time tahoe rossi rep,
they are the same ski this year, just different graphics.
i just ordered a t4 as my BC ski.
he said previously they were different flexes, but in this latest incarnation, they are the same.

As far as ice, etc..
I havn't skied them in anything but our west coast ego snow.

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i went cat skiing with a guy in girdwood who had t4s, said he didnt notice any difference besides the graphics, except price. as for east coast groomers... b3s are supposed to be a super versatile fat ski and handle groomers better than most, but anything that has 94mm is gonna be iffy on groomers
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B3= too much ski for the east in general. B2 is a much better choice for the conditions we encounter here.
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B3=the best ski I have ever had the privledge of owning.Same as t4,I highly doubt it.
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same skis except the B3 has the graphite base and T4 is clear
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