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Skis for the Midwest

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Hello this is my first post on this site. Let me say that I think that there is a lot of knowledge, and experience here compared to other places i have looked.
MY question: This year i am looking into buying a pair of skis instead of renting as i previously have done. I thinking of getting a pair of twin tips.
These skis will be used mostly in the midwest, specifically I live near chicago. For those of you that dont ski here the snow conditions are never very good at least the places I usually ski at. it is usually groomed "packed powder" man made snow over a thick layer of ice. there is never any 'powder'. So i want a pair of skis that i can ski on the runs until they start to turn into all ice, then i can switch to the park for the rest of the day.

The ski that i have been looking at is the K2 public enemy in 169. I have a very small budget, and these skis fit the budget at $369. I also looked at and liked very much the Salomon 1080, but these are over what i can pay at 460?

If anyone has some suggestions or thoughts on these skis or ones that they would reccomend, i would like to hear it.
Thank you
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I just wanted to add that if someone knows a place to get a good deal on a pair of new (this year or last) Salomon 1080's i would like to know. But if they arn't in the chicago are they have to be able to ship as i am not able to travle to get them.
Thank You
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Both skis are pretty good skis. I think the Public Enemies are more cost effective. Either the Salomon 1080s or the K2s would be a big improvement over rental skis.

There are some good shops in the area if you want to buy them locally and not on the web.

K2 also makes a less expensive twin tip (can't recall the name) but it is not as good of a ski as the PE. Still would be a better alternative than rentals.
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