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Great Divide, MT

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Can't remember if I've ever posted a query about this place (my search didn't come up with anything), but I've always had my eye on it for some reason... not very big (1,500' vert), and not a ton of snow (150"), and kinda off the beaten path (22 miles north of Helena), but I'll always trade big for small if the place has no crowds, condos, or destination skiers, so I'm intrigued.

No one EVER mentions it (I assume there's a reason); it looks like an Eldora type joint. Has anyone skied there, have pix, or a trip report?
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One reason nobody ever mentions Great Divide is there are other ski areas in the area which have not been as cursed as Great Divide in the recent drought years. I run into Great Divide skiers all the time at Bridger Bowl. They love the area but have not been happy with the snow of late. Places like Discovery, Showdown and Maverick have all faired better.
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Great Divide, which was originally called Belmont, is fondly referred to by locals as Belrock. If you want an old-timey ski area that has the goods, try Discovery Basin. Enjoy the best cafeteria food at a ski area you've ever had and some excellent steeps and cruisers.
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No snow lately, that's what I figgered. Thanks.

Discovery, Maverick, Showdown, and Lost Trail have all been on my radar as well. On my early March trip to northern MT/BC, the only locals place I'll be able to ski is Turner, which I'm looking forward to.
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Take lots of pictures and give us a report on Turner, would you, James? I hear you can rent it for $1000/day. Could be a great place for a Gathering.
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