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> In recent negotiations for influenza vaccine between a Canadian
> health official and an American representative, it was clear that there
> was a disconnect between the American government's sudden reliance on
> Canada for influenza vaccine despite the fact that the U.S. wants to
> discourage Americans from buying routine prescription drugs from
> Canadian pharmacies.
> Not seeing the irony in the request, the American continued to
> press for the vaccine and then demanded to know why the United States
> be
> charged for the vaccine when Canadians get theirs "for free."
> The Canadian official replied, "Oh it's not free, the government pays
> for it."
> "Well then," the American replied, "How much will it cost us?"
> The Canadian replied, "Well, we don't know...we'll let you know."
> In frustration, the American replied, "Well, it's urgent, so just send an
> invoice with the shipment. By the will the vaccine be
> delivered?"
> After careful consideration, the Canadian official replied, "By cow.
> Twenty vials of vaccine will be tied around the neck of every cow that
> passes over the border. Now...if you want faster delivery, there are
> some softwood lumber trucks available..."