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Binding Mount advice for Monoski

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Hey Gang,

I'm a disabled sitskier/monoskier and with the technology in our skiing equipment improving, we're starting to use regular off-the-shelf bindings. But with all our weight on one ski, its hard to keep our simulated boot fitting snapped in. I've pinned the rear of the binding with a clevis pin to prevent rear releases but its the front thats 'popping' the most. Its the torsional releasing of it. Now, with this many people here in this forum their should be alot of tips on how to keep the ski in the binding. Its not fun for a ski to release on a cornice: Any advice on how to keep this thing properly binded? (I already use high din bindings) Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
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This link might be of interest to you http://www.sitski.com/tec-tips3.htm it speaks to pinning both the front and rear of the binding. I have no idea whether this is safe for for your needs. The main sites address is http://www.sitski.com/
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thanks for the reply, but yes I visit that site often and I've pinned accordingly but was just looking for other options to pin the front.
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I believe another option is to replace the front spring with a metal slug. It effectively pins the binding and prevents it from releasing.

You may want to check with the guys at Spoke 'n Motion http://www.spokesnmotion.com/ for some advice.

Also the guys at Yetti Radventure http://www.yetti-radventures.com/home.htm may also be able to help you. They also sell pre-pinned bindings.

Any adaptive techies out there?

BTW, Welcome to the Barking Bear!!
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What binding and din are you using? I work at the NSCD in Winter Park and they try and use the highest DIN possible. Mostly up around 14 and 15 DIN and crank them all the way up. I know what a pain it is to have that come out because I have had it happen most often when I have a student unloading and things do go very smooth.

Unfortuantly, I have not seen anyone make any extreme mods to a binding to prevent a release at the toe. For the heel they will use a poly-urithane block with a hitch pin to keep it in line.
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Thanks for the welcome and advice. In regards to the DIN im using now, its all race type bindings with high DIN settings 14 and if I could find 'em higher. I just dropped an email to the other sites and see what I get in a response.

See ya in the Pow!
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Ever consider getting custom built front receivers for the system. If you are just going to pin the toe piece in place, why not have a solid "DIN" shaped toe piece made out of AL or Steel?

Once you get a jig built to make them, repeating the MFG process is simple and not too expensive.

Just a thought.

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And welcome aboard SitSki, I'm going to move this post to the Gear thread.

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Saloman S series

I only use Saloman S920 or S916 bindings. They have a metal body and by taking the springsout of the toe piece and replacing them with a piece of metal or EMT piping you prevent them from releasing side to side. And by putting a block from Yetti in the back the rear won't release. I've only released from a Saloman once and that was because the toe piece sheered off.
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White Mountain

Hi Sit-Ski: Here is the E-mail address of an expert mono-skier who is also a member of the Eastern PSIA Adaptive Development Team. His name is Geoff Krill and he skis out of Loon Mountain NH. You can reach him at: geoffkrill@hotmail.com , however please tell him White Mountain sent you.

He can give you some solid advice about bindings and release issues. Others have mentioned that the toe binding spring is removed and a metal plug is installed in its place. This is the most common method used by the mono skiers we ski with. Our adaptive program skis have been modified in the same manner.

Best of luck with it.

Whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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as other have said All metal binding with the toe springs replaced with plugs and a pin in the rear after the sled has been attached to the ski/binding.
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