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Originally Posted by Lodro
By "racing skis" do you mean the skis that are sold off the rack as SL or GS skis, or do you mean real race stock skis? If the former, I ski on 160s SL as my groomer ski -- they do very nicely in the bumps and powder in a pinch.
yeah me too. '04 Fischer Worldcup SC in 160cm.
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No mas!

No longer teach, race or coach. The new skis are great even for eastern conditions and while I like some of the new racing skis they do not have the versatility of skis like Volkls 5 or 6 stars for hard pack skiing. The Volkl GS ski is pretty good as is the non WC version of Rossis GS for fast free skiing.

Still prefer the new supercross type of ski for hardpack freeskiing....GS stability and near SL sidecut. Best of both worlds. Great for an aging, ex pro and easy on my knees and body.

And more fun!
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I have been on all mountain xpert skiis for the last 6 years, Slalums before that. Then last year my friend bought Elan SLX (World cup race) I had several chances to ski them. Wow they were on my mind all summer. The first time I walked into a ski shop in October I had to order them. I fully intend to ski them all over the East, Starting at Holiday Valley NY November, Boyne in December Stow in January. Just let it snow!
I really think that Eastern skiers get the most out of a slalum ski.
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You'll like the elans...I found a pair of GSX's- can't wait...but a s this is about all uses the GS and SL skis are all torsionally rigid and tha
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I have always hated race skis cos they are too stiff, too much like hard work, no fun. Then this season I got on a pair of Stockli race skis, I'm not sure what kind of race they are meant to be for, but htey are the Laser SC, and they were the best skis I've been on for ages. They handled everything really well including a fairly gnarly bump run, they were very user-friendly, felt strong and stable, did everything without fuss or attitude...and when I was meant to go quite fast, they did! Luv them.
Disski managed to get a pair but I was too skint.
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Hmm. It sounds like I should look into a pair of "race" slalom skis.

How fast (as in mph) can you get them to go these days before they are flapping all over the place and you loose the ability change directions without resorting to draging your pole baskets? The last racing slalom skis I tried, about 20 years ago, were designed to handle slalom racing speeds, but useless at higher speeds.

BTW. If skis meant to be used on race courses are "stock" race skis, what the heck are regular "race" skis that are not "stock" supposed to be used for? : Racing the ski patorl?:
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Stock are for use in gates only for skiers that compete regularly. Retail "race" can be free skied outside of the gates, with preference for flat groomed conditions.

I've used older Salomon 10 3V's at speeds in excess of 80 kph. No problem.

But bumps? Yuck. Their tails kick hard off the bump behind you -- and the Salomons are not considered to be filled with energy! It's a lot of energy to absorb trying to control your speed in the bumps.

FWIW: I am considering getting the Omecarve 9 as the "one quiver" Eastern ski. But must test drive it first.

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Originally Posted by smileguy1
... compared to my Swiss buddy's Stokli SC 168cm... Someone mentioned race stock vs of the shelf. I'm not sure if it is true, but they say the stockli's are all handmade race stock. They don't tone down their consumer skis... Just my limited experience with race skis.
smileguy1, I´m sorry to tell you but you didn´t have a real race ski. The Laser SC both 03/04 and 04/05 is basically a toned-down "racecarver", i.e. a ski between the GS and SL not intended for racing according to FIS standards (107-63-90, radius 17/168, 19/178).
Which doesn´t mean it´s not a great ski - like all Stocklis.
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Give it up - race skis do one thing only. They do it well, but come up short anywhere else. That goes for SL or GS skis.

Why not look at it the other way around ? A ski like the 6* is great all around AND it's awesome in the gates too.
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I'm just looking at my copy of skipress. According to them the Blizzard Sigma SL gets top marks in short radius(8.8) turns and stability (8.9), and though they don't give it a rating at LR turns, they give it a "Versatility" of 8.3.

I'm thinking of adding it to my "short list" along with the Fischer RC4 WC SC and Atomic SL 11. Anybody care to comment on any of these skis, especially on the Blizzard?
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