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"Good luck with the move, love and lifestyle conquers all."

Julie, you have no idea of how significant those words are!
Regarding Keystone, it's about 20 minutes from our home. The othe ski areas are between 20 minutes and 2 hours. if you and your S.O. ever want to make the long trip to ski in the Western Us. please come visit us!
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Julie, thank you for the encouragement. Definitely there's a spot for you if you ever need a place to crash out here.
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Double post!:
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I hope this is the most moving post you read...because I stole it in essence from 'Good Will Hunting'....

I read the board every day, hoping to read a post, not about someone who is thinking about moving, or who 'dreams' about moving, but has the guts to do it, and commits 100% to doing it.

And when they do, I sit here, reading with a giant grin, knowing that you are about to experience something that most of the board won't....so enjoy it...and know you are having a better day, (no matter how bad) then most people in the world...

I'm currently only dreaming of the day I can post the same message...
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Congratulations! Best wishes to both of you.
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Yes I really do think

From the "isn't it ironic, don't you think" department:

It's like getting a promotion when you've already quit.

Which just happened to me today. No doubt because it was already in the works before I made my intentions clear a week ago, and would have been "embarassing" for upper management to undo. Since I haven't done any official paperwork yet (based on mutual agreement with my boss to wait until early December), there's nothing on file with the HR and upper crust, so they wouldn't have know that this is essentially moot.

I was working on a project and hadn't checked email. Somebody came over and said "congratulations". Duller than the edges on my eastern rock skis, I said "huh?" He said "didn't you see the email?". I somewhat lamely said "oh, not yet, but thanks," and then tried to figure out whether my boss had announced my promotion, or my quitting! I could see either being cause for congratulations given the morale around here these days.

Oh well, the devil does present his temptations, doesn't he. "I will give all this to you, if you will bow down and worship me."

At least for my last month I'll be making a bit more money. Stock up on more cheap Ramen noodles and maybe an excuse to buy another pair of skis :
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