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My Quad Pain Might Have Been Solved

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I have had two knee surgeries.

One in 97 from playing football but my ACL was just reattached and one in 2003 where I ripped it 100%.

I posted here about a pain in my lower back and upper quad that burned and ached.

I know that some of you thought it may be a tight hip flexor or a Sciatic nerve issue. I had been to a Chiropractor and massage therapist last year and it helped alot. Now it has come back to haunt me no matter how much stretching I do.

I went to a new Chiro last week and he checked me out and thinks that my 4 quad muscles have actually bonded together from scar tissue and are causing all sorts of issues such as tight hipflexors, tight quad, tight IT Band, and nerve pain.

He did something called the Graston Technique which I had never heard of but here is a link. http://www.grastontechnique.com/

He also recommended that I pick up one of these. http://www.intracell.net/Sport%20Products.htm

Has anyone had any experience with either this treatment or massage stick?

So far my quad is feeling better after one treatment and a visit to a massage therapist.

Exercise actually makes it feel better so hopefully I can start skiing this week.
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I've heard great things about the Stick. I do myofascial release with foam rollers. It's a similar concept. Good luck!
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