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Weather site info for PNW?

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This is specifically for Washington people. Question: Do you know where the NOAA web site went for the weather forcast for the Washington Cascades? It was at http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_foreca...=314&map.y=157 for the last few years, but now it has gone without a forwarding address. I went to noaa.gov and can't find reference to it. I really liked that site! If you know where it ended up (if it was not discontinued) would you let me (us) know?
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Same problem for the "Hazardous weather NW" site which covered Mt Hood and surrounding areas. I've been clicking around to see what it was replaced with but haven't found anything quite as good.
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I too have been really frustrated with the way they have change the NOAA site. I used to be able to bookmark the avalanche weather station data at Crystal and Stevens (temp, snowfall, wind, etc...for the last 24 hours updated hourly) but that seems to be gone. I can still get to the West Slopes of the Cascades forecast though...try this link. If it doesn't work do to the Seatlle page and click on the map near the mountains.

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Thanks, Ebraun. I found that one. I was looking for the funky one that had a super detailed description of the weather patterns and then predicted snow level, freezing level, wind speed for Baker, Stevens, Snoqualmie, Crystal, etc. They were spot on about 95% of the time.
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I think I know the site you are referring too....if you find it please post the link.

In the past I have relied on the 24 hour avalanche reports (that I mentioned above) to check before leaving to ski. I could see the windspeed, humidity, temp (base and peak), snowfall, precip, etc....for every hour. This too seems to be MIA right now.
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Try http://www.nwac.us/mtnweather.htm, it has links to 24 hours snow info reports for PNW ski areas, I believe that what you were reffering too. I still can not find the site which has freezing levels forecast information, I remember there was one last year.
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Wow, Stevensman, I've never seen that one. It's now on my favorites. Thanks!
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That site is excellent. It collects all the avalanche data for the state in one place.....thanks!
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Found it! It's the link for "Detailed Mountain Weather Forcast for Washington and Northern Oregon" at the bottom of the page StevensMan refered us to. To go straight there go to: http://www.nwac.us/products/SABNW They changed its address but didn't leave a link in the old place. Naughty. Thanks, StevensMan. Hope to see you up there this year. I've got a weekday pass and will be doing much of my spring skiing at Stevens. You can tell who I am. Look for the poorest dressed person on the hill, with a beard, pink poles, and Pocket Rockets.
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Beard, pink poles, and Pocket Rockets - it would be hard to miss )
If you see tall guy in blue columbia jacket and golden boeri helmet it is me. Just 2 more weeks (hopefully)!
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