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Another cupolo's nightmare - Page 2

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RotoFury and all~

I don't believe I said anything too inflammatory in my post; however, I am in the same boat as RotoFury. My skis are now (Nov 11th) somewhere in Ohio on there way to my place (Estimated delivery Nov 12th). I don't believe I overreacted, but I will say that so far Cupolo hasn't done me any real wrong. They were just slow in shipping my skis from purchase to actual ship date; purchased Oct 24th and shipped on Nov 8th. And as I said before, if the skis come with bindings attached (with nothing wrong) I would purchase from Cupolo's again. I'll let you all know how it turns out. Cheers!

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US Customs

I buy regularly hockey gear(mostly sticks) over inet from Canadian based hockey shops and after tens of transactions never had a problem with delay due to US Customs. I think it is store but not the Custom.
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Well, after a week of customs delay, I called fedex again. I was told that a lot of time, longer delays are due to the shipper not filling out the proper paperwork and/or not being thorough enough. Lets see now, paid for helmet on the 25th. Package was not shipped out until Nov 1st after a few emails. Package is still in Buffalo, NY awaiting clearance. I could have driven there on a horse-drawn carriage, bought the helmet and drive back and still would have gotten it. I have officially taken Cupolos sport out of my favorite seller list. I rather pay a little more from another store than have to wonder whether I will get a merchandise within a month of purchase.
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Thanks Jay!

Originally Posted by Cupolo
Hey Vinn,
I did lose your address.. but atomic replaced your skis and they are sitting in my office. send my your address and I will ship them out to you.
sorry about that

Mea culpa, mea culpa!

Alright everyone, sounds like Jay has come through on this one and just in the nick of time! The season has started for me, so some boards for work will be much appreciated! Jay, I'll PM you my shipping info and send an email as well.
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Jay, looks like you don't have PM turned on, so I'll just stick my info here:
Here's my shipping info:

Brian Vincent
Telecom Department
Intersection I-70 & Hwy 91
Copper Mountain, CO 80443

That will work for UPS and FedEx and most other shipping companies. If you use the regular postal service, then this address needs to be used:

Brian Vincent
PO Box 2275
Breckenridge, CO 80424
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Vinn, I own a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you cheap. It's right here in my office, I've been trying to reach you!
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Well, I'll jump to Cupolo's defense. I bought my first pair of skis from them *snif*. And they were great. Until I killed them in a bad terrain park in north carolina. I don't blame Cupolo for it because they were good skis for their intended purpose (which was not riding in a bad terrain park). When I dealt with them, they were excelent, professional, and shipped quick.

I'd say that it IS customs who's screwing things up.
My uncle owns and opperates his own business selling specialty beach chairs and ascessories, and has product shipped in from China. We have not had a single shipment on time this year. Right now, he is sitting on about $75000 gross in product because it did not arrive in time for peak season, which is summertime. It has been a constant battle with customs and the logistics companies to even get our product. we have lost well over $10000 in cost airfrieghting stuff, and when our boxes do arrive, they are totaled. I spent a total of 20 billable hours invertorying, photographing, and documenting the issues with the shipping companies.

I'd say cut these guys some slack. Maybe they're expanding too fast, maybe they're just having trouble with shipping. But look how many problems have been with FedEx. Maybe they're your problem.

P.S. Jay, I wouldn't blame you if you told me to stick my delamed planks in my ear and go back to my bad terrain park, but you wanna do something for me on these skis ;-)?
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I too can vouch for how bad the shipping situation has got, internationally and domestically. Some of the boxes we are asked to accept...:

And stuff is chronically late. I had 3 of 4 boxes arrive yesterday, fourth box tracking said "could not find address" or some nonsense. Needed that box, had to go to the local office myself and pick it up last night.
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It is possible and even likely. Just look at the Toronto ski show vs. Cupolo's thread. A little different but still it happens all the time. The problem is here there are two different suppliers at play. Atomic Canada who supplies Cupolos and Atomic USA who has the actual dealers taking a hit. They are associated through a parent but operate quite independantly.

It's a bit of an extraordinary situation but I think it's fair to say there have already been some extraordinary results to the whole situation. It will be interesting.

Originally Posted by Ghost
Just wondering, if someone pissed off enough other vendors would they be able to get suppliers to royally scr*w someone on the supply side.
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On the last post: I don't see the relevance. They shouldn't be selling skis on eBay that they don't have.

More generally: I don't know that the fact they have had many successful sales is all that meaningful. Let's say (for the sake of argument), they have three "no-problem" sales for every problem sale. Is that a good record? I think almost anyone in business would tell you that 3:1 is awful ... it should be more like 100:1. And there are businesses who consider 100:1 subpar.

This, I think, includes many Internet retailers. Artech, Tognar, Reliable Racing, Amazon.com, etc. are probably more reliable than a typical brick-and-mortar store.
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Well I am still waiting for a credit from Jay for $400.77.

He posted here that he resolved my issue about a month ago and that everything was all set.

Even as recent as this Monday he told AC that he just credited me and as of today I still do not have the credit.

Maybe some solar flares or sun spots are causing Visa to delay credits to my account.

Regardless of if you have had a good or bad experience with Cupolos, they seem to have a habit of telling blatant lies.

This is totally unacceptable for any business owner.
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Scalce, I agree. I'm surprised by all the Bears who are saying that Customs and Fedex might be the problem. So many of the postings I've read about Cupolos experiences have nothing to do with those kind of delays. The kind of online, and mail order dealers I'll deal with are folks like Tognar Toolworks, who just offerred to fix a small error of theirs for me totally at their expense right away.

I own my own business and I would do everything I possibly could to avoid having people complaining in a public forum about me like Cupolos has here.
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If you look on Ebay alot of the negative comments have to do with the wrong item, wrong information, no communication, or that they were given false information.

The Cupolo fanboys can post all they want but Jay is a dishonest business person and it is apparent.

I am not the only one who feels this way.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Even as recent as this Monday he told AC that he just credited me and as of today I still do not have the credit.

Maybe some solar flares or sun spots are causing Visa to delay credits to my account.
I don't have any experience with Cupolos. But I do have experience from some years back doing programming of retailer-to-Credit-processor interfaces. Credits get sent and processed just as quickly as do charges. So when some retailer tells you "Credits take 1 to 3 cycles to process" or some such rot, they're really telling you, "I'm going to hold onto your money for a while longer."

Never buy that excuse. A credit should hit your credit card just as quickly as a charge. If you haven't yet, you should contact your cc company and tell them you're disputing the charges. If it's a decent company like Citi or Amex or MBNA, they'll probably at least initially take your side of it. Even when you don't technically meet the legal requirements for a chargeback (purchased within 100 miles of home or from a solicitation by the cc company), reputable cc companies will do a temporary credit back to you while they make the retailer go explain themselves.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the info Mark. I was under the same impression about the time it takes to credit.

Yeah it is on an MBNA Visa so I have to send in a letter or fax it to them to dispute the charge.

I had to do a dispute once with my Amex for a duplicate charge and they took it right off just by calling them on the phone.
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[quote=Scalce] The Cupolo fanboys can post all they want but Jay is a dishonest business person and it is apparent.QUOTE]

Hey scalce

If AC's ok with it and you want to disparage Cupolos in open forum, because you had a bad experience, then so be it. But don't disparage those of us that have had good experiences with that shop and report on it as well.
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Sorry Coach but there are alot of Bears who think that just because they have had a good experience with Cupolos that it makes it OK for this to continue or happen on occasion.

I know that many have had good experiences with them and I'm glad that they did.

I bought the skis because people on the board spoke very highly of them so I figured why not. I ignored the few negative posts about Cupolos. I am making others aware of the risk that they may incur from doing business with Cupolos. I do not want anybody who posts here to get screwed even if there is only a 10-20% chance that it may happen.

And yes AC is aware of this as he said I could post about my disgust because Jay has been bsing AC too.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Sorry Coach but there are alot of Bears who think that just because they have had a good experience with Cupolos that it makes it OK for this to continue or happen on occasion.
I'm not one of them.

I think EVERY shop needs to make the effort necessary to provide good service to EVERY customer, if possible. If it's not possible, then expectation of a prompt refund on your part is more than reasonable.
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I didn't mean that to be an attack and I'm sorry if it came off that way.

There were some people who posted comments such as, "Well I bought boots or skis from them and they were great."

That is great but does not solve the issues that are being brought up here.

One unhappy bear is one too many.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
One unhappy bear is one too many.
Right you are Scalce. Big companies have people who's job it is just to search the web for negative postings on message boards, and other places in the media that might adversely effect their reputation.

I guess I've found this all interesting enough to have read most of the posts, and even Jay's responses have seemed sleazy.

Yeah, sleazy, that's the word - but CHEAP - and you get what you pay for (or in many cases less.)

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There are websites for tech retailers such as http://www.resellerratings.com/

To bad there are no skis ones.

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the problem that I experienced was not due to customs, Fed-ex, or the lunar eclipse. It had to do with the integrity of the employees and owner of cupolo's. I would have been fine if somenone was honest with me in the begining and told me that they did not have the skis in stock. The only one with any veracity was Rob. It is an issue of core values for the indivdual on the other end of the phone when a customer calls with a question. When something goes wrong the true test of values is how that person responds. Sorry for the soap box.
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I agree that Rob does seem credible and was very helpful when we spoke to him.

He was very upfront and did not give us bogus info to pacify us.

Unfortunately he is not the boss and does not issue the credits.
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Just a thought, it sounds like Jay may have some kind of mental illness.
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Cupolos is the world's greatest company ... relative to the contractor has not shown up for almost 3 months after taking our money.
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I've had 4 transactions with Cupolo, 2 were major problems where I never received the merchandise, 1 other was a minor problem that may not have been their fault, but was more of a result of dealing with an online seller where you can't see the merchandise. I will never buy anything from them again, not worth the hassle, aggravation, terrible, customer service, never knowing when and if your stuff will show up, etc.
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My bindings came in from Cupolos. The delivery was longer than domestic shipments, but not unreasonable given US customs.

Incidentally, my contractor still hasn't shown up. Cupolo's 1 v. Contractor 0!
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So I just got my Credit card bill and they never reversed the charges. So at least I have a leg to stand on with my cc company. I called today to speak with someone about crediting the account and Jay answered the phone. He was completely non-appologetic and very disinterested almost bothered by the fact that he couldn't deliver on the goods and had to refund the money. I was told almost a month ago that they would make it right and credit back the account immediately. This is not a man who runs his business with integrity. Look at all of the recent posts and the problems that people are having. Buyer beware!!!
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Well guys, I think this is worth an update on this thread.

If you followed the bit above you'd see a series of events involving me shipping skis, Jay losing skis, Jay warranting skis, etc. Well, I gotta say, Jay came through on this one. I have in my hands a brand new pair of Atomic Tourcarves to replace a broken pair I sent him. I am one happy, satisfied customer.

Granted, I had a special case.

Still, this was a guy doing me a favor and nothing more. He didn't make a profit off me, he was just being nice. So I've gotta respect that. I feel bad for anyone who's had a bad experience, but he doesn't seem like the kind of person who's out to screw people over.

Now I'm gonna get some new skins and use these on a hut trip in a few weeks.
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Cross thread posting

For those of you on this thread who haven't seen the other one - apparantly cupolos is off of eBay. Here's the thread about it.

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