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Head i.XRC?

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Hi everyone. First time posting here, just found this recently, looks to be a good place.

I'm looking to get a new pair of skis for this season. I've pretty much decided on the Head i.XRC 1100 SW (sandwhich construction), as I've heard only great things, and it's pretty much perfect for my needs. However before I buy it, I'm trying to gather some more feedback about it. If anyone has tried it, I'd love to hear what you thought regarding performance, how it feels, etc., especially in comparison to the capped construction version.

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I demoed it last year, so going a little on memory here. With that said, if I was looking to purchase a new all-mountain type ski this would be it (maybe I will if there is any to be found in 05).
The ski is extremely stable to the point where it is almost like a race ski. It does require some work and speed to get it to show its true performance, not as much work as a race stock though. I can't comment too much on its grip on ice, wasn't much to be found the day I test it (surprising for being in mich). If you ski fast and aggressive, this is one sweet ski; if you’re slightly less aggressive you might want to take a look at the xrc 800.

I can't compare it to the other 2 1100’s, haven't been on them yet.
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I tested a yellow sandwich ski last year in all different lengths. I think it is a cross ski. Correct me if Im wrong. It was a very very nice ski to ski on and in a short length it felt really lively. I liked it but nobody else did. They thaught it was way too soft.
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For what it's worth, my sense is that for every message you receive corroborating what you have heard about a ski, you will receive another that contradicts it. I am by no means saying each poster's view isn't valid, merited, and thoughtful. Only that opinions differ on skis so wildly, it's virtually impossible to get any concensus. I know I for one was extremely thankful for and appreciative of all who responded to my first post on this board about the Volkl AX3's, but I was equally confused by the various directions the responses led me in, though, in the end, I feel like I purchased the right ski for my ability, climate and wallet (Omecarve 9). Good luck, and like Bob Dylan said, "You want someone to trust? Trust yourself."
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What kind of terrain were they skiing on? Were they skiing GS or what? The 1100 sw/rd is a fairly stiff ski for cross/front side duty. If they were racing GS on it, then sure it's soft, but it depends on who/what they were skiing.

According to Peter Keelty's www.realskier.com , this is a powerful quick ski that is great for rippin' around the groomers on. A partial quote "extremely powerful and demanding".
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Isn't the ixrc 800 the same ski as the i180?
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No, they are two separate skis. Go to the head site www.head.com and go look under cross skis. You can see the line up.
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Well, this pretty much confirms what I'd heard before - excellent for agressive skiing on hardpack. Which is excellent for my needs. Thanks everyone, with any luck I'll be able to try it in about a month.
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