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Ski near Paris?

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Hi All,

I am going to Paris over Thanksgiving. Does anyone know how close the nearest mountain is to Paris, and if there is typically snow that early in the year?

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The closest skiing to Paris I am aware of are the Dutch indoor facilities, 4hrs-drive. Else the Alps, 6hrs.
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Hi, Paris-Chamonix Mont Blanc is 623 km by car.
One could also take the train to Lyon and then to Cham.
Or go to Geneve and the Jura region (100 km less or so than to Cham)
Other than that, don't really know...what about Miltok Keynes
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Rotofury, why don't you ask over at Snowheads (www.snowheads.com) too?
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Easiest is probably to get the high-speed train (TGV) down to Bourg St.Maurice. You're then in the heart of the Tarentaise.

You will be able to ski in Tignes, at least, by then and maybe some of the other high resorts in the area - leave it until the last minute and then go with the snow. There will be plenty of places to stay, at good prices, at that time.

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definately go TGV instead of the car rental route. it's easier, faster, cheaper!

bon courage et bon voyages!
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Around the 24th of November? Your best bet then is Tignes, although conditions are not great at the moment, and only the glacier is guaranteed to be open then. Nowhere else is scheduled to open that early, other than Val Thorens, which is also short of snow at the moment.

As J2Dave says, the TGV high speed train to Bourg St Maurice is the best method of getting to the mountains then. And as it happens! I'm in Bourg St Maurice so if you need any help with accommodation, transport to the glacier, etc, let me know....
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We expect a full report when you get back!
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