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BetaRace Carve 9.12

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6'. 155pds (winter weight). level 6-7. looking for a ski to carve the blues with short turns in Colorado.

Anybody tried this ski? Peter Keelty has aroused my interest. Also considering the Mach S but the Atomic may be more versitle and I love the light weight of Atomics. think it may be too much ski for me though (though I'm improving fast).

Also curious about length. I demoed the Rossi Cobra Super slalom in a 167 last year with no problem and skiied most the year on a Mod X 174 also with no prob so i think I might try the Atomic in a 160 (!) although a 170 might be more versitle in the soft stuff i usually ski on.

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Go with a 160 in the 9.12. WC racers will be on a version (9.16 construction, 9.12 shape) in a 171 (though 173 is written on it). The ski is a blast, and sort of works ok in softer snow.
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thanks BetaRacer. Should I try a 170 if my current weight of 175 doesn't drop to my usual winter weight. i'm not loseing like usual and I'm planning a trip to San Fran. so that sure won't help...thanks again.

PS. hope you rehab is going well
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Are you sure the WC racers will be using a 170+ ski? I thought they were all going even shorter this season.
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If you want to use the ski mostly as a fun carver, or play in the gates, a 160 would be better. If you plan to use it for more, you might want to bump up a size. If you can, demo.

Jono, many of the French brands use shorter skis for slalom than Atomic. But the Atomic racers are sized like grown men, and require a length that corresponds. There is a fine line between nimbleness and stability. Too short, and though the ski is easy too turn, it will chew you up and spit you out if even only one aspect of the turn is not done 100% correctly. Last season showed that the new school skis have no room for recovery.
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