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Harb Carvers and Telemark?

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Wondering if anyone's seen (or made) an adapter plate for Harb Carvers that would allow mounting of a telemark binding?

Have found the Carvers to be awesome practice tools - really challenging, but lots of fun. Am hoping there's something that would let me dial in some telemark turns (on my tele boots, naturally) before the season starts.

thanks all,

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Psssttt. Try Tele Universe
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Originally Posted by slider
Psssttt. Try Tele Universe
Teletips is a great site and you can ask there, but they might be as ignorant of Harb and his Carvers as Epicskiers are about telemark bindings. You might be the first to telemark on Carvers, I think you have to make your own adapters for that. Good luck!
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Tele Harb Carvers


Haralds sone is using a Tele version and they are really working well. They tele and skate along the lines of current fast skating technique (glide on outside little toe edge then roll in off of the LTE for the push). However, I think that the Version he is using is either a Slalom or a Pro frame in a longer length. I don't think he has ade any for sale yet.

I have a set of prototype adapters, but I haven't mounted them on a regular frame yet.

I also have a a few other things in prototype stage: 1) a flush axle upgrade that will be available soon. It eliminates any chance of bolting out. I think that will be important for tele versions 2) a Randonee binding adapter for Tyrolia railflex bindings. It allows you to slide a Randonee binding on any railflexed ski.

Feel free to PM me. I can find out more info. I'm a tele/randonee person also.
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