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Fischer SomaTec 8000?

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Fischer has ski boots called the SomaTec F9000 World Cup and F9000 Race Ti both of which are seriously stiff boots. Is anyone familiar with the somewhat softer version, the F8000?

I still have my two pairs of now defunct Raichle nee Kneissl Flexons and spare parts but am curious about Fischer's boots. Comments?
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There was a thread a while back -- I think Bob Barnes is skiing them.
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dalbello flexons?

i just saw it the other day.
Dalbello bought the flexon and has tweaked it a bit.
Shane McConkey is skiing it and it has a good feel to it.
as far as the fisher,
seen em, but havn't skied em.
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Thanks for the the reference to a previous discussion here. From the thread, I believe Bob Barnes skis one of the two Fischer Somatec 9000 series boots which are, I understand, both very, very stiff. I was wondering how the Somatec 8000 compares.
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Didn't ski them, but tried them on-we are a Fischer dealer. They definitely had the adducted feel-toes were slightly pointed outward. Fit-wise, they didn't work for me-very high volume and boxy. I have a narrow foot and tend to prefer simple, race stock boots due to the fit and responsiveness. Sorry I can't be of more help-nobody demos boots in my size anyway (25).
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Bob and I both used the 9000 and have both switched to Nordica.

He is in the 150 Dobie and I'm using the 130 pro.

I never saw the 8000. I can say both the Doberman and Beast are far better boots than the Fischer product.
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