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Look and Dynastar questions

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I just bought a pair of Dynastar Skicross 09's in 170cm. I am 5'10" 140 lbs so I think this should be good. The other size would have been 162 but I just felt that was way too short.

Anyway I am going to buy some look p12's (cause you have no choice) but 1 question.

If I buy the look p12's and then say next year get some new skis can I still use the look on other skis that dont require a specific binding?

The rossi bindings I saw at the shop only went to 10 DIN and the look p12 to 12 din. I will probably be around a 6 DIN and the guy said I should get the 12 DIN instead as it doesnt put as much pressure on the spring or something. If I get a rossi binding for a little cheaper and onlt have a 10 din settting would I be better to go for the LOOK?

Also do you think 170cm is OK for me? I am between int and advanced. By the way I live in Salt Lake City!
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Yes to your first question.

As far as the 10 DIN goes, that's fine. That binding is perfect for someone of your weight. It's pure baloney that a DIN 12 would be better for a 140 lb. skier. I weigh 225, and have the P12's on 2 pair of skis. I'd prefer the P14, but the P12 works fine.

The 170 sounds just about right to me.
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Look and Rossie bindings are pretty much the same. I use Look/ Rossi bindings on all my skis except one pair of R11 Atomic skis that have to have the atomic binding. To save a littel cash you can go with a P10 will be fine. I use botha 10 and a 12 and can't tell the diffrents. My normal din is set at 8 becuse of the travel in the LOOK/ Rossi pivot binding I set my Din lower and feel vary secure and safe. Make sure you get the pivot turn table heal! a 170 should also be good for you. But think about getting a something a bit wider for those powder days like last seasons Dynastar 74's they are an excellent ski and pretty much the same as this years ski.
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Great too know. Thanks for the replies. I think I might go with a look/rossi binding with a DIN of only 10. I dont think I will ever be skiing over 10 DIN. The rossi will save me a little cash which is allways good if I dont NEED IT!

The main cash hog is going to be boots. I am going to check out some local shops for boots today and see what they got. I dont want to spend more than $350 but doubt I can get good for cheaper then that.
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Check out Utah Golf and Ski or is the Ski and golf they are in Downtown Salt Lake area they always seem to have a lot of last seasons gear at good prices. they may not be the best at boot fitting call surefoot in Park city they were haveing a sale and they do vary good fitting at the Park City store. What shop have you been dealing with?
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I was going to buy the bindings at the downtown Utah Ski/Golf. They wanted around $175 for the look p12's. The rossi were about $25 cheaper I think.

I havent looked for boots yet. I allready bought the ski's.

I just looked at that surefoot thing. Are they REALLY expenisive?? I was also thinking of checking out the Sports Den, Lifthouse, Utah Ski/Golf.
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FYI, I have seen quite a few look/rossi bindings go on ebay pretty cheap.
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Choose the bindings so that your DIN is in the mid range. If you need a DIN of 9, don't get the 10, DO get the 12. From what I've been told by several techs, bindings work best at their mid range.
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Originally Posted by powderhound24
FYI, I have seen quite a few look/rossi bindings go on ebay pretty cheap.
I've been hunting for a pair on ebay for weeks. They're very hot right now, with lots of bidders, and almost all P12's are going for ~ $175 or more. Even those that look like they got missed, will have 5 people lurking in the final minutes, and usually end up in that range.

$175 is a fair price, but I think there will be less buyers in a month or two, so you could probably get a better deal then. But who can wait?

P10's can be had a little cheaper, of course.
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Look p12 bindings

I have a new unused set of Look Bronze P12 bindings that I will not be using after having purchased them. I would sell them for $150 plus SHIPPING.
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