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Powder Skis for Wife

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My wife and I do a lot of skiing in Utah. While she is a very good skier, (she was born in the German alps, and has been skiing since she was 3), she is a bit timid and confines herself to groomers with her Volkl 5*****. This year, she has promised to join me atop 9990, and maybe even a ride or two up the tram at Snowbird. She can definitely handle it! She is 5'8", 140lbs. I was thinking that she could use either Sugar Daddy in 163, or Dynastar Legend 8800. Any thoughts?
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If she's timid consider a softer, more forgiving ski like the Salomon Pocket Rocket in a 165 or the K2 Phat Luv in a 160.
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K2 Phat Luvs, My Sister who is an excellent skier Thinks this ski is one of the best all around skis she has ever been on. At 90mm underfoot it is baised toward off piste skiing. yet the Phat still has wonderful manners on the groomed. I think Utah ski and Golf or is that Golf and Ski? They still had some of last seasons for about 30% off msrp. IMHO It would make a vary good complment to your wife, 5 star. I was really suprised that she bought the Phat Luvs she has been skiing Volkls for years. It took only a couple of runs on a demo at Deer vally on a powder day, for her to bust out the credit card and get them. a week after she that. I was skiing with my Sister at snowbasin and she really had a blast in the trees in chutes and powder. I would think a 174 would be just about right for your wife.
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Thanks for the tips. What do you guys think about either Volkl AX4 or Atomic R:EX (168) for her?
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Originally Posted by Canyons
Thanks for the tips. What do you guys think about either Volkl AX4 or Atomic R:EX (168) for her?
These are both great skis, but a little stiff for a true powder ski, IMO. I think either the 8800 or the Pocket Rockets would be great for her. BTW, last years version of the 8800 (Inspired and Bigs) can be had for pretty decent prices since they were discontinued when the Legend line was released.
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How about the Rossi B2w ? Most women rave about this ski in reviews. My wife ski's the regular B2's (170) at Alta on a weekly basis and loves them. She opted for the regular b2's because she has a race background and can realy put the pressure on a ski and felt the women's version would be a bit soft for her.

I think 1 thing to think about is a ski that can "do it all". The 88 I'm sure would be a great powder ski, but a bit clunkier on hardpack (which I know from experience the canyons has quite a bit of). The B2w with a 76 mm waist (as opposed to the 68 for the 5* and 88 for the legend) might be a ski that she could ski all day everyday in a wider variety of conditions. I also wouldn't discount the Legend 8000 (with a 79 mm waist). Just something to think about.

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The man said Phat LUV can't you read.
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The thing about twin-tip powder skis they have a very short running surface (ski base on the snow). Most powder skis nowadays have a soft shovel (except for the Big Daddy, the Tanker, and the Monster 103) and pretty even flex - except for some Volkls. She might want to demo some fat powder skis, possibly an old Chubb, a twin-tip Chubb, AK Launchers, and Pocket Rockets. She might try two different lengths in the Pocket Rockets, because they ski really short - it's really easy to scrub some speed in the trees or in the steeps, because they ski like a long skinny snowboard, and also it's easy to stop - I learned that the hard way in heavy deep pow. She might want to demo a B3 or a Bandit XXX, instead of the B2 or XX. Y'all might go to Alta, Snowbird, and Solitude (Honeycomb Canyon is sweet). I think the waist and tip of the B3 are reasonable for any kind of Western hardpack, if you sharpen only the side edges.
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