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Beer league ski?

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Any recommendations for a race type ski for the local (Nashoba, Mass) race league? I've never really raced - did this league for the first time last year and had fun. I'd call myself advanced/expert, about 175 pounds.

I was thinking of slalom race skis (might try the eBay routine) - the hill is about 200 vertical feet, and the winning times are about 20 seconds. I'm much slower on my Intuitiv 74's. Any "forgiving" slalom race skis that I should look at, or skis to avoid? I'm guessing length about 155 - 160cm. Thanks.
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Bauer Supreme 6000--- Although in most adult sizes they will be quite a bit longer than you mentioned - - I'll guess around 315 (mm that is)
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My serious answer is Demo, demo and then did I mention demo?
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Originally Posted by skier_j
Bauer Supreme 6000---
Excellent choice! But if you want a little more edge-hold, maybe Der Voelkl can help you out.

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If you do GS sets exclusively, I would go with a race carver (Atomic GS9, Fischer WC RC) or skicross ski (Volkl 5 Star or Atomic SX11) with a radius of 15-18M.

If you run open SL sets occasionally, shorter versions of the above skis will work, but might not be as fast as a slalom. I like the Fischer Slalom Carvers (the Fischer Slalom is a bit much) or the Atomic SL9 (or SL11) for forgiving slalom skis. K2 makes a pretty darn forgiving slalom, but it can be hard to find and wear out quickly with a heavier skier. I'm not fond of French consumer race skis, but that's more of a personal preference. The Elan SLX is a great ski if you can find it.

Most cheap slaloms on eBay are in the 155cm-160cm range, since USSA/FIS regs changed to a longer ski for men.
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I would say it's more slalom type course. When did Atomic start requiring the Atomic bindings, does anyone know what year that was?
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I've raced that league for the last 10 years or so.

While it's considered a slalom, it's really more of an open slalom. I've really only seen one guy [John Bradley] ski it like a slalom though, with most of the racers running GS style.

I've found my GS skis work much better when the snow is hard and icy. When you get closer to the end of the season and the snow gets softer and the ruts pile up a slalom ski might get you through the ruts a little quicker. However when the holes start to form, you tend to get tossed around a bit more on a slalom ski.

If you were looking for one ski, I'd be definately more inclined to suggest a GS ski. It really depends on your level and where your weaknesses are. If you have a tendancy to get late a slalom ski is real nice for recovery, whereas if you don't have a timing problem a GS ski will let you get faster top speeds.
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Originally Posted by tumbler

I would say it's more slalom type course. When did Atomic start requiring the Atomic bindings, does anyone know what year that was?
The moment they started the Betas with lobes full length which required a special plate. 1997 or so. Soon after most of the Betas got predrilled Atomic plates.
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I echo what has been mentioned. Beerleagues are usually pretty open sets and more GS than Slalom. The supercross type ski 15-18m radius is perfect for them. The Atomic SX 11 or new SX 10 would be great and comparables in other brands.

I don't think Atomic bindings were essential on Atomics quite that early. I would say more like 99 or 2K. Not sure though.
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A lot of beer leagues are NASTAR based, and yes, are definately more GS than Slalom. Nashoba's ATR program is a 'dual slalom'. Basically a nastar course, in my eyes, is an 'open GS', a little more open then a GS would be. Nashoba's ATR is best described as an "open slalom".

But yea, supercross skis would probably be your best bet. A little sharper turn then a GS, and a little more stable at high speeds then a slalom. And hell, by the end of the season, second runs on those courses are more like a supercross then a traditional race course!

My GS skis were from 2000 I believe, my SL skis in 2001. The 2000 skis have Marker bindings. The '01 skis needed Atomic bindings.
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