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Originally Posted by jclose8
I'm not too worried. Ask your buddy DeSantis..... I bet when he waxes a race ski, the topsheets are warm when he's done ironing. AND... I bet he has a hot box.
He makes like 3-4 fast passes and the topsheets barely get warm and that's only at the thin parts of the skis.

He does not have a hotbox in his shop.
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Wow, that surprises me. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my waxing technique..... I may have to give Mike a call.
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One thing to clarify (or at least clarify how I understood the original post): when he said 120 degrees, I think he meant Fahrenheit (about 49 Centigrade). A can't see how ski should have problems at 120 F.

A quick look on the Internet reveals a good couple dozen references to hot boxes (some referring to nordic skis, but I can't see why that would matter much). Typically the temperature is slightly higher than that. Toko says their bag runs at 62 C = 144 F. Other sources suggest 55 C = 131 F.
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Yes, fahrenheit.
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Race Place

Try Race Place in Oregon. I was looking through their catalogue recently -their 04/05 catalogue- and they offer hotbox treatment for skis. I've actually spoke to the owner on occasion trying to get some advice on waxes. He's very helpful and would probably tell you more than you want to know! try www.the-raceplace.com, or www.ski-racing.com. They actually offer a technical support phone line about all things tuning, (800) 814-7223. Hope this helps
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Originally Posted by checkracer
How about using a sauna instead? It´s usually bigger than a microwave and can take even DH skis - including the skier and her/his boy/gilrfriend
I can see it now. the new pickup line in Aspen, "You want help me wax my skis?':
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