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The UA products are form fitting and pretty snug for sure. They may take a little time to get use to but they can't be beat for warmth and wicking ability.

I'm surprised that you think they felt constrictive, sense they give alot. Football players at all levels now wear these under their uniforms in cold weather. I doubt they would do so if the UA restricted their movements.
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I have no idea how they fit into those unless they have special sizes for football players.

I'm sure I would get used to them once I tried them.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
I have no idea how they fit into those unless they have special sizes for football players.
I'm sure the colleges and pro teams special order theirs, especially for the lineman. You can by up to the 3xl off the rack. My son is 5'8", 180 and he wears his in a large. I'm 6'4", 250 and wear the 2xls.
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Can you get underarmor online? Do they sell womens sizes?? Or am I stuck in a man's world, yet again!
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Originally Posted by kdskis2
Can you get underarmor online? Do they sell womens sizes?? Or am I stuck in a man's world, yet again!
Yes,yes, and no

Under Armour Women Link
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Scalce, no diff between UA and Patagonia silk weight except cut. Are you using the waffle-print regulator fleece for your midweight?

kid2skis, HH Equipe worked for me at MSA -30F; try Wind PRO fleece as your midlayer- no membrane but a dense crossweave in between fleece innner/velour outer layers.

EDIT: check the tag and the material here (Malden Mills full roll page]

EDIT2: Anyone know a bottoms base layer mfg using the Power Dry style 9025 (with Xstatic odor control)?
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I love my Hot Chillys! Got them from Snowshack, which has a chart to help you search out:
The Peachskins are my favorite for lightweight wear...
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Coach13, I was just in the audience at a presentation by the rep for OpenAir Wear. She explained the concept of simultaneous muscle compression and also distribution of local liquid/vapor concentration across the garment quite well.

The trouble I had with the model was that different skin has a different resilience. Put simply, hairy middle-aged fatty flesh is more compressible and more likely to block lateral vapor distribution than toned shaved triathlete muscle. My assertion was that a need for various grades of compression in the same size garment is not being met.

She laughed and said they hadn't any requests for such.
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I received an UA Cold Wear Top last year for Christmas. Its a large and the fit is very tight . I'm 6 ft 180 lbs. However, you quickly get used to it. Its very warm . My experience with Cold Wearr is its too warm despite its construction to allow moisture to leave the skin to wear when temperatures moderate even if you are layering lightly , if you are skiing bumps or other conditions that cause you to sweat. I wore it one day in the spring and created a sauna suit !

The UA line looks to have been very successful with new additions to the line this year. You can't beat Cold Wear on a brisk cold day.
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If your skiing out west, cold is not your enemy. Your going to sweat, do to the work out and the altitude. Get a good poly layer that takes the sweat away from your body. It is basic comfort. I am from Michigan and live in Colorado. I wear a tight layer of poly, fleece, and a gortex shell. It is a whole lot different here than when you ski in the east. If I had the same outfit on when I skiied at Killington or Sugarloaf USA, I would die of heat here (even at 13,000). It is a different cold here, but a good poly layer to wick away the moister is your best friend. You will be surprised.
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So, what I am hearing is getting the powerstretch for skiing out West is probably the best bet. UA would probably be too warm since I am layering with fleece jacket/vest and ski jacket? My jacket has pit vents and torso vents. Oh....and no fat to worry about here.
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my recipe (which did hold up to the -34 at tremblant last january).
Top: Bergelene Medium weight
Windbloc fleece or northface fleece
Gore Tex North face outer
I wear a nice set of EMS insulated gauntlet-style mittens with no liners (never get cold)
Bottom: bergelene mid
Oakley non-insulated snow pants.

Rarely have a problem. For warmer days I strip off the fleece. For colder days I have picked up a puffy down to go as my midlayer if I ever run into -34 again.
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