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Leki Poles

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I have a pair of Leki poles that I need to cut down. Late last year while in a clinic it was pointed out to me that my arm motion seemed excessive. The instructor had me use a smaller set of poles and lo and behold my arm motion issues were solved. It seems that the longer poles were causing "kick back". Normally I have been able to just soak the grips in water overnight and the grips slip off allowing me access to cut down the pole. With the Leki's this method does not seem to work. Just wanted to check to see if anyone has experience with removing the Leki grips. If now I will post them for sale and buy a shorter pair. Thanks!
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I had the exact same problem. I called Leki and they said you cannot do it. These were the poles with the thingy that goes on your gloves that you click into in my case.

I had previously cut down some Leki's also with those types of grips, but the newer models just wouldn't come off - I tried everything, even having a tractor pull on them (just kidding.)

When I called Leki they actually agreed to replace them with shorter ones. Long story actually beacuse they weren't that new. They do have excellent customer service however and depending on how old they are they might help you out. http://www.leki.com/html/contactus.asp has phone number and email info.

I went down to 48" poles and it helped me a lot.

Good luck,
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