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Atomic boot liners

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Could any of you shop guys give me some directions on how to heat the Atomic boot liner to 145 degrees in order to mold them to the wearer's feet?

I live in the boonies, have a regular oven, convection oven, microwave, and hair dryer. Will any of my appliances work as a heat source?
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And can you do this more than once?!
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why not just wait till you go skiing in an area which has a ski shop and get it done there at the end of the day.

You could probably use an oven if you are real careful and check the temperature with an accurate thermometer. But you can't really rely on the accurate of the oven temperature dial. I've seen melted liners before where someone tried to heat them in an oven, but had the temperature set too high
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Wise words, Wizard. I shall heed them.
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I'd go with the hair drier. The lange boot driers have a sticker that says coif-in on them. They are just made by a blow drier maker. If the liner material is getting too hot to touch it's hot enough. I doubt you can get it that hot with the blow drier any ways.

The liners you can easily do several times 3-5 and probably up to ten without real harm.
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Nolo, go in and visit Kevin or Chris at PHD when you are in town. I would even go in there with you and introduce you if you don't already know them. By far the biggest atomic dealer in the area, maybe the state. You changing boots or is this for family?

I've judiciously used a heat gun on low setting to heat some head liners. Seemed to work. Be carefull though. Later, RicB.
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