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Volant T3 Super's to K2 Axis X's?

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First a little back story...
I bought a pair of Volant Super Ti's (185cm) about 3 years back. After only 6 days on the skis, the tip broke off and the metal cap peeled back from its wood core. It was an intense delamination. I sent the ski back to Volant and was sent T3 Super's (178cm) as replacement under warranty. I enjoyed the way the T3's performed. I could easily transition from tight quick turns to long GS like turns. I enjoy that kind of versatility. Unfortunately, the versatility ran short when it came to my recent interest in moguls. After about 2 days in the moguls my T3's met the same fate as my Ti's. I had only spent about 20 days on these boards before they broke, but Volant is not willing to send me yet another replacement pair. They want $300.00 or a replacement pair of Genesis Gold's.

Where I am at now...
With spring approaching ski prices are hitting rock bottom, so $300.00 is not exactly an AWESOME price. My confidence in the Volant product (despite their recent change of hand and construction modifications) is shot. Obviously I am not willing to pay $300.00 for a product I lack any confidence in. Prior to my stint with Volant I was a fan of the K2 Product line. I am a high-end skier, so I am looking at the Axis line, specifically the Axis X...

Need Some Advice...
I hail from New Jersey and spend most of my ski time in Vermont. I ski fast and aggressive, and I like to vary it up. Some runs are about quick turns and others are about GS, but all are at speed. Though I don't frequent terrain parks, I do enjoy catching air off of ridges and other trail elements. I also enjoy skiing moguls, though I do not search them out, nor will I pound them constantly from 8-4. However, I would like a ski that CAN be skied in the moguls, but I do not require a hardened MOGUL specific ski. The Axis X (as it reads) appears to handle all of these ski elements, but I am a little concerned about the length. If I go too long I may not be able to execute the short quick turns I enjoy, nor will they prove very effective in the moguls. If I go too short however, I could loose the speed stability.

A friend of mine is 6'4" and 220lbs. and skis on 181cm Axis's (no X)... I am 5'11" and weigh about 180lbs. Do you think I should be looking at the Axis X in the 174 or the 181 length? I also welcome any additional information anyone has about the WAY this ski performs or other alternatives you might suggest... Thanks for your help!

Snow Conditions Used In: Mixed, Groomed, Ice, PP
Your Ability: 8/10
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 17 (I'm 20)
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 20-25
Other Skis You Like: K2 Merlin 4's & Volant T3 Super's (despite defficency in the moguls)
Your Height/Weight: 5'11" 180lbs.
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Check your mail.

Also, interesting site you have with some good indepth info. Few corrections: Atomic did not buy Volant. Volant was bought by Gen-X a Toronto based sports holding company, that owns many lables i.e. LaMar Snowboards..Tommy Armour Golf Clubs to name a few.. (and Atomic is NOT a Canadian Company, but Austrian). Atomic is included in the Volant process now in that Volants are being built by Atomic now in their plant in Austria.

I have been skiing Volants exclusively for the past 10 years and am doing some work with them now (so I am a bit biased, but...). I persoanlly have seen 3 pair delam, never any of mine, but friends. I have bent a pair from skiing in the bumps, but IMO it was a fluke that I did. They aren't the best ski if you are doing all hard bump skiing. As an Easter "all-mountain" ski with the uhhmmm..."packed powder" we get, It is one of the best skis out there.

The reason htey offered you the Gravity Golds is that they have sold out of almost everything else including the all the Machetes. Look into the G66, I have been enjoying them in the bumps myself.

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The whole of the K2 line is geared toward longer radius turns from what I can see. Great for those fantastic speedy GS sweepers. Not so good for nice short turns.

There is a tremendous variety out there for you to consider. And at your weight you most likely can find a relatively short ski in the 170 cm range that does not have a speed limit. I weigh 180 and recently purchased a 2004 Volkl Supersport 4 Star at 168 cm. That ski holds very well and will go as fast as I care to go without any skitterishness or undue vibration or other squirrely tendencies. I have had them up to 60 or 70 without any protest from them on either frozen granular or in some spring mush. And that from a supposedly forgiving ski. They work extremely well with little side to side carved turns not excurting to the side of a straight line more than about five feet at some serious speeds.

Read about some of the Recreational Racing slaloms. They seem to be built for speed and many seem to shine at GS speeds and radii as well as having great capabilities to carve up the mountain with little S's as well. I am working on a deal on some Fischer Worldcup SC's for real short turn fun.
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