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Warren Miller's Impact

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Just saw it this afternoon. Big thumbs up. The first half was just great. Second half was a bit weaker. Still, this may be the best Warren Miller film ever. Lots of good shots of lines and technique. I'll be buying the DVD next fall...
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Tickets for oboe and the missus are in my wallet. What do I want more? SNOW, DAMIT!!!!!!
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I thought it was great. I wouldn't say the best but always a good way to get stoked for the season. Lots of kids, familiies, people of all ages at one of the Portland, OR showings which was great to see.

15 years ago some of the proceeds would go to local high school ski teams. Anyone know if this is still the case? I'm doubting it....
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The Killington ski club normally has a showing in early December at one of the lodges, I belive it is at the bottom of bloodshed, ah I mean Snowshed, with the proceeds going to the Killington Mt School. Even though I'm an Okemo person. We normally have about 10 people go and watch the movie.
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I went this weekend to an afternoon showing in Jamestown NY. There couldn't have been more than 25 people there (and still I didn't win any prizes). I hope the evening showing was more crowded. Once again, it was a great way to get psyched for the season, even though I'm another year older and it looks like I'll be yet another year older when I finally do move to a ski town. Why won't anyone buy my house?
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I'll it in Reno first weekend of December. Anybody else going then?
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We're going with Bryan this Sunday at 5, and it's always packed. Can't wait!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
We're going with Bryan this Sunday at 5, and it's always packed. Can't wait!
In Pittsfield? Thats where my wife and I are going to see it. Maybe we'll see you there
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