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Attitash 12/4 weekend

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Hi all,

How risky would you characterize booking a weekend at Attitash (NH) on the weekend of 12/4:

Very risky: You'll be lucky to have a couple of trails that won't destroy your skis
Risky: You'll probably be able to ski a few trails, but they'll probably be too crowded to enjoy.
Somewhat risky: You will be able to ski a handful of trails, but it's probably not worth investing in a hotel for the weekend.
Not really all that risky: Snowmaking will be your friend, there will be enough trails to have a decent time.
Brilliant: Many of groomers will be open, just no bumps or glades.
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last year I skied sugarloaf that weekend and we had 4 feet of snow fall saturday night to sunday midday.

then it rained.

answer to your question: who the heck knows.

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It's a toss up.

With the ALL 4 1 pass it is going to probably be the most crowded on Saturdays because of how easy it is to get to from Boston compared to the other mountains.

This weather is not looking great so far but that could change really quickly.

Like I said before, Atticrash is not one of my favorates.

Any skiing is good skiing but you just have to have patience in the liftlines and look over your shoulder every once in awhile so you don't get taken out.
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