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Sorry cannot resisit!!!!!!!!!!!! Steelers ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why would there be any reason to resist? Start twirlin' those Terrible Towels! Steeler football has returned! Two straight games against unbeatens where the final score wasn't even close to reflecting the level of domination. Plus, I love seeing that The Bus still has some tread on his tires.
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Its great to see them doing sooo well. A nice change from expecting a .500 team at the seasons start to a team that looks like they have the confidence of the 70's Steelers. This years offensive coordinator is doing an awsome job!

KevinF, your right about The Bus. We were wondering when he was going to retire, then he shows he still has some fight left in him. I think thats a theme for a lot of vets this year...Curtis Martin, E. Smith, The Bus, etc.
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That's totally dank, man. Football is way too violent. It's what I call a gateway association. First you're a fan, then you all start to dress alike, soon you're putting FOP stickers on your car and supporting wars. If you're really hooked you even end up becoming a Nascar fan, bummer. Better get some smack, it's easier to kick, I know, man, beleive me.
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Stiller Bros, Yunz is all too strung out thinking about the Super Bowl. That's just far out, man but I'm serving up some righteous brownies on Sunday just so yunz can mellow in the after glow. One bite at a time dudes, one bite at a time, dig it.
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will lose sunday to the browns.
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I thought the Bus's yards after first contact were amazing... he'd get hit and amost always get at least another 3-4 yards.
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I was a Steelers fans since way back in the 70s. Been living in NE for 25 years and I'm a real Pats fan. I got a feeling the Steelers/Pats showdown in the playoffs this year is going to be the best game of the season. I'm gonna root for the Pats but whoever wins, they are two great teams.
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Originally Posted by Marty
will lose sunday to the browns.
Please! That isn't going to happen! I'm a Browns fan, but, stick a fork in them, they're done.
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Those brownies were kinda soft and they had no nuts.
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I'm looking forward to my trip east this week. I've done my consulting gig for the Bengals for four seasons and this is the first year PBS won't be full of Steeler fans.

We seem to play well at home. The Steelers are clicking on all cylinders. It will be fun.
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Marty...where are you?!?!? Also I predict this weekends game will be like all the others have been in PBS. Just another Steelers home game.
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I'm with you Springs! Just stuck down here in Virginia watching my Steelers every Sunday with my NFL ticket, my Steelers flag on my porch, my Bettis jersey on, my terrible towel in hand, and oh yea a couple of nice cold Iron's. It doesn't get any better than this!

: : :
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Well, that was an ugly win against the Bengals, but I'll take it. I'd start breathing a lot easier if the Patriots would lose again. I know the Steelers have home-field playoff advantage right now, but getting a little more cushion would be nice! I wouldn't want to have to play for the AFC Championship in Foxborough.

Ok, probably getting ahead of myself... Win the division, then home-field and worry about the Pats when the time comes.
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No. worry about the Pats now because that game you guys won was a fluke. I'm a big time Pats fan (I know I live in PA) but you beat us on a day when we were without Corey Dillon, Ty Law, Tyrone Poole, Deion Branch and Troy Brown. It ain't happening again. As a matter of fact the Pats will not lose again and the Steelers will end up losing to the Colts (whom I despise although we spank them everytime we play them) in the 2ND round. It'll be 3 outt 4 Bowls for the Brady Bunch!!!
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Thanks Patsies for dumping the Ravings. Maybe the Stillers will see you in the AFC Championship game and we'll see if it was a fluke.
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Just seeing who the Iggles will be playing in the Superbowl


You three can beat up on each other, then come play is again.
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Actually it would have been better for the Steelers if the Pats lost to the Ravens. Now the Pats will finish the #1 seed and all roads will go through Foxborough. Their schedule is smooth sailing the rest of the way. And Phil, the Pats will bring the Eagles back down to earth. Thats if they can finally get to past the NFC Championship game this year.
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Originally Posted by PA Ridge Racer
Actually it would have been better for the Steelers if the Pats lost to the Ravens. Now the Pats will finish the #1 seed and all roads will go through Foxborough. Their schedule is smooth sailing the rest of the way. And Phil, the Pats will bring the Eagles back down to earth. Thats if they can finally get to past the NFC Championship game this year.
Gotta win the division first, then its one game at a time.

Stillers and Patsies records are the same and the Stillers beat the Patsies and now has home field advantage. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out but for right now the road to the AFC Championship goes through Pittsburgh.
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I think that game showed just how important Plex is to the offense. I didn't like the way they looked without him.
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A lot of questions about Ben and the 11 sacks in the last 2 games. Plex will be back next week so we'll see if the passing game gets back in gear. Ben says he is still learning to see the field and find open recievers. The good news is he knows it is better to take a sack than put the ball up for grabs. Most of his interceptions have been deflected by his own recievers into DBs hands.
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8-1 9-1 10-1. Enough already. I'm ready for the Steelers / Pats for all the AFC marbles. I just hope all the guys on both teams are healthy so it's the best game it can be. I'll be routing for the Pats but will say that both teams are great.
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Getting Plex and Duce back will help the Steelers offense a ton. That said, I thought they had a pretty good game plan of pounding the Bus at a pretty good Redskins defense.

I suspect the next Pats vs Steelers game to be a much more competitive game than the last one. I think that home field advantage is big, but not to the extent it could be since both teams are "cold weather" teams.
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It doesnt matter who comes back for the Steelers. The Pats are better than they were last year and that's darn near imposssible. The Steelers will lose again before the end of the season. The Pats won't. Thats why all roads go through Foxborogh again. The dynasty will be solidified!!
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I am just SICK of hearing PATS fans CRY about injuries. The Steelers have them also, Scott, Staley, Hampton, Bell, Plax. Pats fans, just like Red Sox fans, always blame something for a loss other than that they lost to a superior team. Now that the Sox won I wonder what they are going to whine about.
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Ok I dont care about the Sox. But how can Pats fans whine about losing because of injuries all the time when we never lose? We've only lost one time in over a calendar year. And the facts are the facts. When you dont have your star RB, CB, WR chances are you will lose to a team like the Steelers. It's not whining.
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Ok. We did not have our starting qb (Maddox), our starting cb (scott) or our starting NT (hampton) or our starting LB (bell). We still won!
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Oh boy, we finally have some chest thumping from the fans. That’s the best part of fan participation, a little testosterone outlet.

SpringsReg, you got to understand the mentality of the Patsy Fan. The Steelers have lost more playoffs, championships and Super Bowls then the Patsies have been in, two good years and their talking dynasty. Let them enjoy their day in the sun, it’ll end soon enough, then it'll be decades before they see another championship.
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Gotta love it - NFL Playoffs are near. Now..

First of all Springs Regular, you can't count Maddox because he wasn't your Starting QB that day. Roth.. was. Springhill Crazie, 2 good years, I think not. Since '97 we've been to 3 Superbowls, won two of them. We hold the record for the longest winning streak in history - 21. We are currently 10-1 this season. Since Bob Kraft has taken over in '94 the Patriots have been far from a doormat and as long as he is the owner they will continue to win. And yes, when they win their 3rd Superbowl in 4 years they will be considered a dynasty in today's NFL.

PS : We need cold weather now!!!
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Originally Posted by SpringsRegular
Ok. We did not have our starting qb (Maddox), our starting cb (scott) or our starting NT (hampton) or our starting LB (bell). We still won!
You're forgetting that the Patriots game is also the game where Duce Staley (starting RB) got hurt. And we lost Kendall Simmons, probably the best offensive lineman we have, during the preseason.

Lets the Pats make excuses. In all likelihood, there will be a rematch, and the results will be the same.
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