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Hidden threads?

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Hi, I came across this thread in a search http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...&highlight=tpt but when I go to the parent forum the thread doesn't show up in the listing.

Is this a private thread? Is there something wrong with what I'm seeing?

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Hey, SkiMangoJazz--
I don't think there are any 'hidden threads.' Sort of an interesting idea, but, er, nobody's tried it yet. When I go to the ski camps forum, this thread is about a third of the way down on the page. And your post to it is the most recent item.
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There are no hidden threads except that non-supporters can not get into the supporter lounge.

Try checking your User CP options and make sure you have it configured for more than one day of display (the default for the forum)

If enough people are finding this short time slice too short I can extend it on all the forums. The down side is if we make it 3 days or 1 week then sometimes it's overwhelming when you log on and there's 4-5 pages of posts.

When you are not logged on and just browsing the setting is a lot longer by default.

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dchan, I thought the dafualt was 75 days? 1 day is crazy.
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After checking several locations I stand corrected. From what I can tell the default is 1 month. There are a few places where it says 1 day but I fiddled around with these settings and tested them and they don't seem to change anything I can see. Since these are pull downs in the User CP it's possible to accidently change this setting. If you check the User CP and it says anything other than "forum Default" you may have changed it somewhere along the way.

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Hey DC, so I tested again. I changed my CP back to Forum Defaults and now all the Forums I looked in are at Last Day. Previously all but the Academy one was Last Month. So your changes did make a difference. I'd definitely think it should be longer than that.

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Check it again. I just reset all the forum defaults.

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They seem to all be at one month now. Funny it doesn't really matter much since all the forums are so active, however the Acadamy one is more sporadic, hence me being so confused when I couldn't see any of the threads.

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