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Teaching skiing in the winter months IS my primary income. I do it because yes, I love to coach skiing. But I need that pay check to pay the bills.-----Wigs
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Rick H, Good for you mate, I'm 63 and doing Harb Pmts Instruction course & Level 1 CSIA in March 05. Dropped myself into CSCF Level 2 (hadn't done level1) and had a ball. Learnt heeps never raced in all my 30 years of skiing. Learnt more in one week than I had ever learnt in years. Now looking to semi-retire, Do some day trading on the Stock market and 12 weeks teaching skiing here in Oz, if I can get through the Boot Camp. Ski level presently is Advanced/Expert, depending on how I feel etc.
Great to know that us oldies can still do it, skiing I mean.
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APSI level 1 should be pretty easy if you are an expert Neil T - I am assured I would bolt in the skiing sections in level 1 & am closing in on 2 & I am only a reasonable advanced skier
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Hi Disski, Well it all depends on who says you are and expert or advanced or what. Most instructors at Falls Crk tell me I'll breeze it, but I don't know, sometimes I ski level 1 now problem other times not so good. I think it might be my age catching up with me. How did you go this year & where did you ski? I did Level 2 CSCF at Hotham, passed course setting but failed pupil evaluation, & didn't do that well in race tech. so I'm not really an expert, at least I don't think I am. Was very good Hotdogger once. Need lots of mileage now. Only get to Falls for 3 weeks a year, My proformance evaluation is like snakes & ladders, up the ladders & down the snakes. CSCF with Brian Penny & Matt Lyons really got me in the groove again, gosh I had a ball with that course. Looking forward now to Canada. Thanks for all your tips, I watch for your postings on this and another Oz forum
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staatliche.... instructor trainers.....race coach(I don't race just use some as instructors)... instructors.... pretty much all the instructors that ski with me tell me they are very impressed I ski so well given my problems & short skiing life.....

I was told I would NOT make any significant progress this year - due to diminishing returns expected & the stuff I need to work on is the stuff that is hardest with my disability....

The instructors that skied with me early season & then saw me late in season are impressed with the progress for the season....

They all say my skiing is very technical - although I lack all the natural athletic skills... They also like my understanding of what I do & how... pushes everyone to keep on top of the game....

I don't ski fast or flashy though... just solid & consistent...the staatliche wants more "range" of skiing styles from me.... not happy with a limited "this is skiing" repertoire at all.... so do the "old fart" instructors... the younger/racing ones are happy with the style just want the stuff refined more

Only Thredbo now... although I'd go back to Falls to ski with Franno - but I can't see that happening

Penny is a good guy - despite a certain Italian at Thredbo telling one of his clients(from a day or 2 earlier) that he can't ski - I think he skis great!
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