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Elan Whipser Skis

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Does anyone have any experience on the Elan Whisper skis for women. In particular, the Whisper 6.0 model. I am considering a pair for my high level beginner wife. With her body type, ability, and because of some alignment issues, we are looking at these because she needs a 1 degree canting on the right foot. Because of the canting issue, we want a wide waisted ski and the ski must accept the cants.

I have read some good reviews but I wanted some first hand information. Any thing you have would be appreciated!


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I can't speak to the Whisper line from Elan. Actually I have never heard of it before. I will say that Elan generally makes phenomenal entry level skis that work as well for beginners as the best beginner skis on the market. That doesn't mean the Whisper 6.0 will be worth anybody's darn. If I were taking a shot in the dark on beginner skis I would take that shot with Elan or Salomon before many other manufacturers. Note, that opinion somewhat contracdicts my preferences in brands for advanced skiers.

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Where are you getting them from? As far as i knew the whisper was a European model that took tha place of the Integra series in Europe... i think... it may take the place of some other group of skis within the Elan line too. As far as i can remember they have considerable shape, but still have a 70mm waist - maybe closer to the shape of the new S12, S10, and S8... they look like very capable entry level to intermediate skis. I wouldnt mind trying a pair just to see what they are capable of. I have never found an Elan that didnt ski well... I think she will be very happy with them. the whisper series seems to be built with a cross between their cap-like construction and their "hyperform" construction. They are certainly very good skis.
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Elan Whisper skis are sold in Canada. There are 3 models, the Whisper 8.0 (110-71-94), Whisper 6.0 (110-71-94) and the Whisper 4.0 (110-68-95).

Reviews of the Whisper 8.0 mentioned that they are ideal for the light woman who enjoys quick turns and moderate speeds. Probably ideal for my wife who is an intermediate skier. The 6.0 model will probably be ideal for anyone who still uses the word beginner in the description of their own skiing. I should add that the one ski that matches the Whisper 8.0 in general characteristics is the Dynastar Exclusive 9.

Note that the Whisper 8.0 & 6.0 are monoblock construction with soft flex (as opposed to uniform flex like the HCX or progressive flex like the SLX). These skis seem to be very much targeted towards the light, finesse, woman skier.

I should mention that I have no relationship to Elan. I have their brochure and talked to representatives at the Toronto ski show. The reviews are straight from ski magazines. My only interest in Elan is regarding their HCX ski, which is still at the top of my list for recreational slalom skis to purchase this year.

Heluvaskier, I have a question for you: what do you think about the Tyrolia Railflex LD 12 binding on the HCX ski? The binding offers 33.5 mm height, which will give a total of about 48 mm height of the snow. The advantage is that the binding allows the ski a full flex, which I like very much on a short ski. Basically I don't want to dampen the HCX's lively characteristics. Does this make sense to you?

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We bought a pair of Elan _WHISTLER_ (not Whisper) in Canada last year for my girlfriend. Yes, it is a men's model. She is a very strong intermediate, not light, not focused on finesse.

This is where I was confused. The last Whistlers I've seen in the US have been the 2001/2002 series (white with black hatching on the shovel.) Last year, only the women's Whisper was listed as available in the US.

These skis (Whistler 8.0 in 168cm- she is 5'9", 150lbs) really turned her skiing around in any conditions where loose choppy snow was present; Eastern tree skiing, fluffy bumps, and crusty powder were just hoots more zippy fun than on her everyday carvers (Atomic 9.18 Carbon). She's happy-> I'm happy-> good ski.

She did demo the Dynastar and found the tail too limp.
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My sis-in-law skis the 6.0's ina 152 and loves them. She is a M.O.R. intermediate, skiing groomed blues 100% of time, skiing ~10 times per season here in the northeast. Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies and keep them coming if you have them. We are looking at a Whisper 6.0 in a 152mm for the wife. She is 5'3" and is about 135. She is a high level beginner and looking to move up this coming season.

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That sounds about right-a 152cm would be right for her. I am putting my girlfriend (98lbs) on a 144 Whisper 6.0 if I can get one this year. A lady I know bought a pair of 8.0's after demoing a bunch of Ladies skis (mostly K2's and Volkl's) and preferred the 8.0's-she is pretty light and quite good-she says that they have a light yet stable feel, and are easy to ski and quite high performance. Another plus-the Whisper line retails for about $100 less than the equivalent K2 ladies ski.
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Thanks again for the replies and the PM. Dawg.. I will PM you back later.

Thanks again,

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