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Sites with ski reviews

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Plese post up any other web sites with ski reviews. I know having a handy reference of different sites would be good a good thing for all.

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(only in German)
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Go to non-member reviews if you don't want to pay the $20.
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Sorry can't add to the list but I find this board the best site for reviews, just great down to earth, knowledgeable reviews from various perspectives.
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This is my favorite site for reviews! Enjoy.

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Today I found this site, I like it overall and here is a link for one quick comparison of the most popular ski boots:
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Try this one: Not detailed but he hits some points: http://www.snowrental.net/skiing/ski-equipment

Epinions is swag in my opinion since hardly anyone writes reviews.
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I actually found this here posted by someone else in another forum.
Not extensive but honest.

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