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Intuitiv 74 binding choices?

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Hello All,
I'm considering purchasing a pair of Dynastar Intuitiv 74's online and am inclined to mount a pair of Rossignol Axial 110 bindings. Wondering if this will work as I "believe" they have the same hole pattern as LOOK - which is of course the recommended binding manufacturer for this skis predrilled riser plate. Just want someone knowledgable to confirm that the Rossi binding will work.

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Look and Rossi bindings are the same.
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Support your local forums. I have a brand spankin new set for sale in the gear swap section. Make me an offer . . . .

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Axial only.(The "autodrive" plate is not long enough for the others)Or you can do what I am doing with mine..SALOMON'S.. Blank plates( I am using a 10mm 3/8).Screw the plates to the "Autodrive" plate.Nope you can't use Sal risers..the holes don't line up to mount to the "autodrive" plate.Make 'em..cut 'em out of Rossi plastic plate blanks( a P500),or a piece of alum.stock,or plastic stock.LOL no you cannot use a Ty plate either(none of them)Mount whatever bindings you want on top.Don't believe any stories that these plates require special binding(ONLY Look/Rossi) screws.They take plain old binding screws.OF COURSE! the right length.(I have tested the threaded screw holes in the "autodrive" plate for size..width/pitch.)
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Sorry about that..from the DUH I forgot file.You can use 1 plate per ski..I wouldn't..this will probablly affect the flex.I am using 2 plates per ski.Mount the plates so that the screw holes going through the plate blank into the "autodrive" plate don't conflict with the binding mount screw holes on your choice of bindings..ya I know..it's just that I like doing this kind of stuff..AND I have the Salomons..and I can do this for pretty much free as oppossed to coughing up 2 bones for the "correct" Looks/Rossi's..
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What are your thoughts on using this technique to mount Fritschi Freerides on the 74? I'm running into a problem with length. The correct position for the heel piece on the Freerides seems to be a couple inches behind the Autodrive plate.
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I have also just ordered the Intuitiv 74 (175 cm)skis with the Rossignol Axial 110 bindings.

1) Understand that the autodrive plate is only for the rear (heel) binding and that the Axial 110 will mount in pre-drilled holes. Correct?

2)Is there a pre-drilled dynastar plate (for front or both front & rear) that can be used to preserve the free-flex autodrive chracteristics? I would like to mount the front to a plate rather than directly on the ski. I tend to remove bindings for canting and possibly fore/aft movement.

3) Is there any other commercially available system that can be used with or without the autodrive plate to achieve #2 above.

4) The Axial 110 Pros come without lifters/risers. Are these easily available?


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