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Skis 4 sale

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Yeah! And, shipping is not even included with Buy-it-now.
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Must make the turns for you along with insuring proper alignment, balance, huck landing enhancement, automatic passing of Level III, and an anti-snowsnake device.
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they must climb up hill for you too
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slider shopping Fleabay for skis, that's the funny part here???!?
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actually thats a pretty cool idea. Make the buy it now exorbitant and make people *think* it actually has a relationship to the real value. When was the last time you saw a pair of skis on ebay for $900?
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but there were no bids, it was a starting bid price of $900. Gee, you think they'll sell?
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Someone should have hit buy it now so they would bill hima ridiculous amount..since isin't it a percentage
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wow, even if he added an extra 0 to the buy it now 1500 is still absolutley ridiculous
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If you read the description, you'll notice they're "intelligent" skis.

I don't know. I don't really want a pair of skis smarter than I am. Unless, of course, they're going to pick up the drink tab at the bar.
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i have the im 75 head monster skis and i absolutely love them
i got them for a deal at the end of last year's season!!
my husband got a pair for himself because i was raving about them so much.got them new, mounted for under 600
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"Bidding has ended for this item."

Starting bid, $900.
Number of bids: 0.
Buy it now: $15,000.

First eBay auction? Priceless.
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I heard about these skis. They are the ones that increase your vertical by double. I heard you ski up hill on these and then turn around and go back down.

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for 15K you could buy a new Scion car without any options, tax, and other fees.
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