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Seasonal Ski Rental

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I am new skier who took several lessons last year. I have decided to ski a lot this year. Since I am still a beginner I wanted to rent skis this year, and maybe look into buying skis next year.

I am in Fort Collins, CO and haven't been able to find a place that does seasonal ski rentals. Anyone know of a place in the front range area (Denver is fine too)?

I am also a college student so if they offered a discount for college students that would be great too =).

Any of general advice about equipment for this beginner would be appreciated too.

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If you expect to get alot of skiing in. Invest is a good pair of boots wiht a good fitter. As far as skis, keep an eye on ebay and you can find a deal there. If you still want to rent skis, so be it...but buy your own boots.
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Yeah, I'd buy too! Some seasonal rentals will cost nearly as much as a purchase and then at the end of the season you have nothing to show for your spent money. Get a used pair, possibly demos. Get NEW Boots, not typical rental type. The boots are more important than the skis. Be sure to get what ever ski you end up with tuned. Good Luck and have fun!
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It's been five years since the last comment here but its right up my alley now. Hopefully you're a devote skier today... but if you are still looking for long term rentals... you should check out this new seasonal ski equipment leasing site. https://alpinesmartrent.comĀ  1 to 6 month rentals of new 2010 products for a fraction of the costs
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Id suggest checking out the classifieds/craigslist/Ebay for a pair of skis. You can find a pair thats a couple of years old in great condition for less than the price of a season rental. And as stated before, boots are the most important item for a skier. If you spend money on something, spend it on boots.
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