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Any one tried? Is this a serious ski for pow? I am a New Yorker, not a hard core western skier--want a powder/fat but maneuvarable ski. Guy in Shop reccomended--shop was in Alta--so you figure he knows something. Any thoughts?
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Love this ski!!! I am older skier who used to ski hard in the bumps and was looking for all mountain do anything ski. All set to buy Dynastar Intuitive 74s when given a pair to demo a couple of weeks ago.Live in Washington state and the snow was about 10" and a little heavy. These skis handled it with ease. Quick turning fall line fun. After bashing around in the crud I decided to take them on the groomers just to see what they would do. Handled high speed GS turns, quick fall line turns, and believe it or not just blasted through the bumps. I felt super confident on these babies and I told my wife it was like taking 20 years off of me. I felt like I could ski anything with these skis. They are remarkably quick for their size. I am skiing the 185's and had to drive 150 miles to get a pair, as my local shop only had 175's. But heck, to me it was worth it!! I am 6'1 230# and even for my size and weight these skis deliver!!! I have skied them three times since and have found that the harder or more aggresive I ski them the more they put out. One thing is, don't sit back to much as the ski will want to ski out from underneath you if you get to lazy!!Stay on top of these and you'll be happy!!! If you can find a pair to demo do so and if you decide to buy, be quick about it, as out here they went pretty fast.good luck and have fun!!
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If you want a pure powder ski - go for it. The PR is outstanding in soft snow. There are, however, other fat skis that I believe are more versatile, and still offer great soft-snow performance. If you ski mostly on in the east, you may want to check out the Volkl G4 or the Atomic 10EX. I currently ski the Volkl G41 (last year's G4) and in my opinion, it is more stable at speed and performs better than the PR on harder snow. (The PR was better in the untracked pow). As always, demo a few before you buy - many places let you apply the cost of a demo to your purchase price.
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