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A-Basin November 10th

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Anyone? Whoever gives me a ride can have my two freebies!
Also Friday November 12 at Copper to meet John H. Check out the other thread!
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That's only a week after your knee mishap. Not a good idea

Nobody give her a ride, please! I know she's not going to try to drive the big van with a gimpy knee!
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Ya' gotta be kiddin'! You think anyone is going to turn down 2 free lift tickets cause' they're concerned about my knee????????
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Only if you promise to just sit in the lodge, sip cocoa and watch. You can wear the pink one-piece to complete the image!

(pretend it's a belated Halloween disguise)
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LM, Here is your chance to look like the typical "snow bunny". I agree with Mark, put your pink one piece on and sit around the lodge. If it makes you feel better wear your ski boots, but leave the skis home.

To anyone who gives her the ride: Make sure she leaves the skis at home! She would be the first to tell all of us NOT to ski so close to an injury and to make sure that it is all better and strong before we get out there to ski.
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Stay off the knee for a bit! Reschedule for 10 days later and my clan can likely hookup ...maybe ya all can show Emily how to "ski like a girl."

Hope you heal quickly and completely!

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I'll drive you if you don't bring your skis.

In reference to your concerns in another thread about losing the new stuff you've learned if you take some time off: Sometimes it actually helps. Your subconscious needs some down time to absorb new stuff. When you come back, you may be skiing better than if you'd kept pushing to force the new stuff in!
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Originally Posted by mike_m
I'll drive you if you don't bring your skis.
Some friend, you are! Oh, I get it, you want the free passes.
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Hey Lisa- what happened? was it on Monday?
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