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Out in California visiting my father (90), my kids and I got out on the tennis court with him for a half hour or so. At this stage how well we hit the ball didn't matter (both kids and my father have not played for a good while and I am hitting with my off hand), it was just a very special time to be together and share our involvement with the sport. Our occasional times together on the court have alway provided exceptional and memorable experiences.

There's only one thing I could think of that could beat this, skiing together. I can only imagine what it would feel like to do this in the winter mountains had my father had some skiing in his background. I think I'm well along the way with my kids and if they ever have children hope to experience this. I don't know that it will happen at 90 but anytime I get the opportunity to ski with three generations (even if at that point it's only a single groomer!) I will be a very happy man.
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We have 3...In-laws, us and my son (and niece). I am sure we will see four generations. If my grandmother (in-law) skied, she is 80 something and "active" we would have our 4 now.
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My grandsons are into boarding, but they still tolerate spending some slope time with their parents and us. Doesn't seem like three generations. The boys and their father are better sliders than my daughter, but they all are willing to wait for her. When I taught her and her sister how to ski 40 years ago, I never thought about either of them having kids I'd ski with. The older grandson is a sophomore in college now, so it's possible we'd be a four-generation skisome if I can hang on another ten years or so.
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My grandfather skied in the 30s with Alf and others in UT. He used to take my mom up to Brighton to ski in the 40s and 50s. I skied with him only once as a young kid but it was his first time on skis in many years and he didn't do so well. One of the few reason that I am starting to be in a hurry to have kids is bacuse I would like them to have an opportunity to ski with my mom before she is too old to really enjoy it.
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4 years ago I told my son then 13 that I was looking forward to skiing with him when he gets older. He said "Dad, you'll still be skiing when I'm 15". He had no idea I was talking about when he has kids.

Yes it's something I'm looking forward to.
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